Hello my lovelies, I have a brilliant post for you all today. I have the very great pleasure to welcome back lovely True Love romance author; Andrea Bolter to Chicks Rogues and Scandals for an exclusive chat about her new book The Prince’s Cinderella – which is released today! And I will be sharing my review of this wonderful book, so grab a cuppa and enjoy.

About Andrea

Andrea Bolter has always been fascinated by matters of the heart. In fact, she’s the one her girlfriends turn to for advice with their love lives. She can’t help but analyze people and imagine what goes on in their brains. A city mouse, she’s the one eavesdropping on you at a café or in the long line for the ladies’ room at a concert.

She grew up scribbling in notebooks with a poem here, a snippet of dialogue there, and an essay in between. Studying both creative and news writing in school, the first words Andrea ever got paid to write were procedure manuals for an insurance company. Not too sexy but, hey, she was off and running! Along the way, she landed as a journalist. After hundreds of articles and a couple of awards, she decided to pursue her lifelong dream of writing fiction, first by publishing short stories.

Even with her soft spot for tales of loves, she credits more than just snooping and romance writing as her influences. She loves travel and music and movies. It might be a romantic comedy she’s seen a hundred times that inspires her forward into a new idea.

Lucky enough to have lived in great cities like New York and San Francisco, Andrea calls her childhood stomping ground of Los Angeles home. She’ll have to write her and her husband’s story into a novel someday. Meeting very young they dated for a few years, then separated for five, but found their way back to each other. Together, they have one marvelous daughter.

Andrea is jumping-up-and-down-thrilled to be part of the romance community! Say hi via email or social media

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Exclusive Interview

Frankie Hi Andrea, Welcome back to Chicks, Rogues and Scandals. It’s lovely having you visit again! Your up and coming book is The Prince’s Cinderella, could you tell us a little about it?

Andrea Marie has had a really tough life. She was left orphaned at age 11, and shuffled from one foster home to another. Love, loyalty and happy endings are not in her frame of reference. But through her own spunk and spirit, she’s employed as an event planner in Cannes on the French Riviera. There she meets handsome and noble Prince Zander, no stranger to tragedy either, who’s main concern is a little cutie not but two feet tall. While Marie and Zander attend one glamorous Cannes event after the next, it turns out they might be able to give each other something they didn’t even know they wanted so desperately.

Frankie I love the exotic settings which feature in your books, is there anywhere in the world you  haven’t set a book, but which you would love to?

Andrea South Korea. My fascination with South Korea stems from my love of all of the great music that comes from there (it’s sometimes called K-Pop but I think that makes it sound trivial). From what I’ve seen as only an armchair traveler, it looks like Seoul is an electrifying hi-tech city while the countryside is pristine and mysterious. Very romantic.

Frankie Your are very well known for your brilliant ‘True Love’ stories with Mills and Boon, what is it about fairytale romances that capture your interest to write them?

Andrea What appeals to me about True Love specifically is that it’s like you’ve put a zoom lens on your camera and you’re zeroing in on the hero and heroine. I tend to not do complex subplots in these fast, contemporary and fun romances. Our attention is straight on our couple’s rocky road to love.

Frankie Your latest book is called The Prince’s Cinderella, where did the inspiration for this book come from?

Andrea My last book The Italian’s Runaway Princess was my first foray into royalty stories. As an American, their world isn’t something that’s part of our culture, and I was intrigued. So I wanted to follow that book with a prince’s tale. With the question of how much does duty direct their lives, and what happens when personal wants conflict with that?

Frankie May I ask, what is in store for your fans in the future?

Andrea I am absolutely in love with the True Love I’m writing now, which should reach readers by the end of the year. It takes place in the New York fashion world and is a “best friend’s little sister becomes love” story. My gorgeous Chinese American hero Jin makes me swoon every day!

Frankie I have heard a lot of writers have little quirky/superstitious habits while writing, such as not writing by a window, or writing in silence. Do you have any quirky writing habits, that you can share with us?

Andrea It does always amaze me when people say they write to music. I adore music but I wouldn’t be able to concentrate! I’m very straightforward. I do my best writing when I’m at my desk, cup of tea nearby, and probably late morning into early afternoon are my most productive hours. Unless it’s crazy deadline time.

Frankie I am a notorious TV series, box set binger, I can watch a full series in one go without thinking about it, what was the last box set you binged on?

Andrea I don’t watch many TV series. As I’ve been sharing, music is my primary entertainment. So I spend an obscene amount of time on YouTube watching concerts, music videos, documentaries, and all of the marvelous vlogs that lots of musicians make of their travels.

Frankie Thank you, Andrea for taking the time to chat with me today, one last question; are you a savoury or sweet food person?

Andrea It’s a pleasure to chat with you, Frankie. Baked goods are my weakness! Moist cake with an equal amount of frosting, fruit pies, scones. Oh goodness!

Thank you again, Andrea! Xx

About The Book

The Prince’s Cinderella (A Trule Love Story)

From event planner to belle of the ball!

Organising a charity gala on the glamorous French Riviera is a dream come true for event planner Marie. And then she realises she’ll be working with single dad – and handsome prince – Zander!

The Prince’s Cinderella can be found at Amazon

This is a lovely, feel-good, heart-warming story that has a real fairy tale feel to it. This is only the second ‘True Love’ story I have read, the first being by Ms Bolter but there is something eternally charming about these stories, that make you believe in being swept away to a completely different – more glamorous – life.

Marie works as an events planner, she has just been given the dream opportunity to work in the beautiful and wealthy town of Cannes as she organises a charity gala for children who are living in foster care or are orphans. As Marie was once one of these very children, she knows how important it is for these galas to happen. She understand for better then the fancy suit wearing CEO’s of the business. She soon learns she will be working closely with the enigmatic and yet at first mysterious Zander – what is it about this guy?

What Marie doesn’t know – at first – is that Zander is actually a Prince, he is one of the most notorious playboys and most desire bachelor in the Riviera. That is until a certain little lady comes into his life, when once the highlight of his day was which party to attend or which bombshell he would take home, now his main concern is whether his kitchen and garden is baby proof. When Zander first meets Marie he is instantly intrigued by her, she has a certain innocent sweetness about her that he finds utterly charming and then there is the fact that she doesn’t know who he is, which he finds such a refreshing change to be treated like a regular man instead of Royalty.

They begin start working together on the gala, both passionate about the charity and how it benefits young people and soon they fall into a whirlwind lifestyle of glamour and events as they become closer and closer, their mutual passion for the cause soon evolves in a passion for each other. I felt that they were both lonely people who want something in their lives that until they found it staying them straight in the face, they don’t quite know what it is what they want, it is so heart-warming to witness these two adorable people find love.

I thoroughly enjoyed this, it’s heart-warming and fully of glitz and glam, the story is your typical True Love sweet romance story about two gorgeous and powerful people looking for love, but with an added tender and loving twist that makes your heart melt. The writing is as we would expect from the talented Ms Bolter, it flows with a genuine warmth and passion for the story.

This was an Arc from the author in exchange for an honest review, thank you Andrea.

The Prince’s Cinderella is out today and can be found at Amazon.

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