In honour of it being Burns Night; Happy Burns Night – or is it Happy Burns day?? I never know…anyway, moving on from my irrelevant question – in honour of it being the Scottish celebratory day of the year, I though I may get into the spirit and share a few Scottish themed posts over the day. First up – and by far the most important post – is the very popular,  ‘Hotties of the Week’ – honestly I get more traffic on the blog when I post a Hotties Post then I do when I share reviews, it just goes to show that it’s not just me that has a one track mind 😉

So with no further ado, here they are my Scottish Hottie’s; Enjoy!!

Gerard Butler
Ewan Mcgregor
Richard Madden
Sam Haughen
Richard Rankin
David Tennent

There you are my lovelies, I hope these marvellous men have brightened your day, and as always if you want to share your favourite Scottish Hottie then your more than welcome to. and if your follow me on Twitter or Facebook why not share with me your Scottish Hottie in the form of a picture of a Gif, I love seeing them.

3 thoughts on “Hottie’s Of The Week; Burn’s Night Special. #BurnsNight #HottiesOfTheWeek #Scotland

  1. Gorgeous line-up, very satisfying to the eyes. That photo of Ewan Mcgregor inspired me to make him into an adventuring antiquarian in one of my novels.


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