I am one of those types of people who no matter how busy and topsy-turvy my life is, I can never keep still, I am always looking for more to do. Really, I am a glutton for punishment; as my great gran used to say. I do like to keep things fresh and try new things out; maybe not in real life as being a full-time carer prevents me from such selfish pursuits, anyone who cares for loved ones knows what I mean by that. Which is why this year I will be starting a couple of new things on Chicks, Rogues and Scandals.

Firstly, I will have a new ‘thing’ on the blog; Off The Bookshelf, which is basically what is says. These will be reviews of the books that I have – yep, you guessed it; on the bookshelf. I thought to mix things up a bit in-between the Arc reviews, I have lined up that I would finally start reading all the books that have been residing on my bookshelf for way too long – both the physical shelf and the Kindle shelf; Honestly it’s ridiculous how many books I’ve bought that I have yet to read. I think I may be addicted to buying books, I just can’t help myself. Only problem is that I forget to read them.

These reviews will be at least every month, dependant on how busy I am. I really like the idea of having this very interactive with my followers so I will be setting up a vote, poll or something on Facebook or Twitter where you all can really get involved, and choose what I read next in the ‘Off The Bookshelf’ section.

Secondly, This year I will be doing a Book of The Month – or something along those lines, I am still tinkering with what to call it at the minute. I will do a feature post about the Book Of The Month, it will have all the links to the book and author. It’s still in the early stages as I iron out the wrinkles as I am still deciding whether to have it has a page too, but one thing for sure; is that I will feature my ‘Book Of The Month’ at the top of the side bar of the blog for all visitors to see and hopefully read for themselves. I do love sharing books in that way, it’s very visual way to recommend books.

I may even open up the Book Of The Month section of the blog to authors who would like to have their books featured on Chicks Rogues and Scandals, if you like the idea then you are more than welcome to get in touch.

So there you go, this year both Off The Bookshelf and Book Of The Month will be up and running on the blog and as always, I would love to know you thoughts on these two ideas.

6 thoughts on “Chicks, Rogues and Scandals; What’s New For 2019?

  1. Frankie, I do the same thing with Historial Romance Review. I have many books waiting to be read so I have to mix them in with ones authors send me or they would never get read. Also, I like to read the classic historical romances so I’m often reading one of those. I love your reviews and thank you for those you have done of my own stories!


    1. Thank you, I’m so pleased you like my reviews. Thats the only problem with loving to read, is that you have so many books. I have one or two of yours on my Kindle waiting to be read.


  2. Frankie, Wendy and I are doing a similar thing this year. We both have books that have been languishing on our TBR lists for far too long and we are going to incorporate them in our reading this year, along with the newer releases. We are also introducing a new feature ‘Retro Reviews’. This will be reviews of older books we have read and loved but never reviewed.


    1. I saw that post, it sounds so fascinating, I can’t wait to see what books your going to share in your Retro Reviews. That is the only problem with being a book lover is that you accumulate a lot of books which you forget to read, Whcsh is why I thought to do this. I have a few gaps where I don’t have anything scheduled so I thought to finally read those on my bookshelf.

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