From one snowy Christmas… … to a sizzling hot reunion!

A Matches Made in Scandal story: Kirstin Blair has spent seven years trying to forget brooding Cameron Dunbar. Now self-made man Cameron needs her help to recover his missing niece, and Kirstin must face the truth: seeing him again sparks the same irresistible attraction that first brought them together!

She must decide… Resist, or give in to temptation and risk Cameron discovering everything she’s fought so hard to protect…

My View

It is with a sad heart that I am writing the final review of this wonderful series, over the last three books we have been slowly building up to this book; The Procurer’s story and this is a fantastic and very satisfying end to this magical series. But Ms Kaye has finished with a real hum-dinger in the form of this; A Scandalous Winter Wedding. I have loved the whole concept of this series, it’s imaginative, stylish, romantic all with a touch of mystery and intrigue.

As we have seen over the last three books the legendary ‘Procurer’ is the one woman who people can turn to when they have an issue that is of …shall we say, a delicate nature? She brings people together and over the cause of the last three books we have seen her match our three previous couples who have then gone on to find their happily ever after. She has been this mysterious long cloaked clad women, who we have been tantalised by and yearned to more about and here with have our wish come true.

When Kristin Blair, otherwise known as the mysterious Procurer receives a request from a new client she knows that this one she must deal with herself, which is completely unheard of. The Procurer never entangles herself with her clients, she always allocates the job to another, so what is so special about this one that would make Kristin throw her own strict rules out of the window? Self-made man and handsome as hell; Cameron Dundar, that’s what, this man could be her undoing and if she isn’t careful at keeping her well hidden past and emotions in check Cameron could very well change her entire life.

I have always liked the Procurer, right from book one, and the woman behind the mask is even more brilliant than I expected. She is a smart, savvy, compelling and illuminating woman, she is a real survivor. As I would have expected she has a closet full of skeletons, skeletons that mostly involve a certain handsome Scot. She has spent six years hiding behind the mask, six years fearing that her past would eventually come back and bite her, but she is resilient.

Cameron is a fantastic character, he is definitely my whole time favourite character from the entire series, I have always had a soft spot for self-made character who have really had to dig in and fight for what they have and Cameron is that in a nutshell. He had the most unfortunate start in life and that hardship has really lefts it’s mark on him, some may think him too brusque, too hard, a bit ruthless not gentlemanly enough but for me is perfect. He has earned my respect of him, he has this magnetic persona that does make you stop and stare. Yes, he’s handsome and sexy but that’s just garnish, he is genuine, hard-working, proud, loyal, protective, always wanting to do his best.

What I love about this isn’t just the second chance romance between Cameron and Kristin, it’s also the secondary plot that goes hand in hand with theirs. The whole reason Cameron has employed the Procurer in the first place is because his niece has gone missing and he needs Kristin’s help in finding her and saving her from what they soon learns something far worse than mere scandal. It is while they are on the trail of Phillippa where the story really comes into it’s own, and it is here where we see a completely different side the mysterious Procurer. I have to say that those scenes which feature Reverend and Mrs Collins, Laird and Lady Garrioch and Dr Black and Nurse Grey are a hoot, it is comedy writing at it’s very best and the addition of the real historic ‘The Erotes Club’ is fabulous.

This is just fabulous, it’s a heart-warming, emotional, engaging, witty and highly romantic this book has it all, the romance between Kristin and Cameron is brilliantly written, there is a real electricity between them, not just with lust and wanting, the air just sizzles as well as with mutual respect as well frustration, and anger and mistrust, but you can see right from the off that these two are just made for each other. They are the type of couple that you would happily bang their heads together and shout ‘What the hell of are two doing?’

Thoroughly satisfying, if a little saddened that this great series is finished, but over all highly recommended!!

This was an Arc complimentary copy from the author in exchange for an honest review, thank you Marguerite.

A Scandalous Winter Wedding can be purchased from Amazon.

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