Who ‘s meddling with happily ever after?

The Wedding: it’s a set up.
The Break-up: it’s a con.
The Reconciliation: it’s a trap.

When high society bride, Samantha Carroll, devises an ingenious plan to ditch her meddling matchmaking mamma’s groom of choice, the banker’s son, instead of the ordinary Irish guy Johnny Belen she’s pining for, all pandemonium breaks loose.

In the meantime, Johnny has devised his own plan to thwart monster-mamma-in-law’s matchmaking for the wedding of the season, but it is soon clear that Sam is not the type of girl who can be scooped up by just any man…

My View

Well this is a wonderfully original and enjoyable story, this is the first book I have read by Ms Chara and I thoroughly enjoyed her entertaining and refreshing writing, and I absolutely adore the laugh out loud humour that had me giggling away – which did resort to bemused expression from the family – and I know I will be reading Sun Chara again.

Sam is a from a very, very wealthy family she is used to the luxuries in life the only thing that she doesn’t like is the fact that her mother is a control freak, I mean literally her mother is like the devil incarnate and I did really hate her from the beginning. Her mother wants nothing but high status and everything that comes with it, she wants her daughter to marry this snobbish banker just so that they can all cement themselves into the highest of society. Whereas Sam has only eyes for the rugged, working class penny-less Irishman; Johnny.

Well the wedding of the year has arrived but one thing leads to anther and she ends up not marrying the man she was supposed to but her true love; Johnny – or so they both think! That is until once settled into not so happy married life, they get the shock of their lives plus both have secrets on the closet all this could destroy their relationship.

With a bit of divine intervention from the wonderfully quirky; Mirabella, these two strive for what they both want, but will they get it?

I am known for having soft spots for down on their luck, regular heroes so it’s not surprising that I took adorable Johnny into my heart right from the off. He is a genuinely good man, he has a kind heart and he just wants to do the right thing and show Sam and her pretty horrendous family that he is exactly that; a good man and that he can make Sam happy. Johnny may comes across as all fun and games, never serious but he is trying, he wants him and Sam to work. At times I don’t think that Sam really deserved Johnny’s love.

I did find the beginning a little confusing especially with the jumping from different character POV’s – don’t get me wrong I do enjoy character hopping perspectives, that flitting from character to character can really get the reader to become immersed in the story, but the first part did have me scratching my head. I do have to say that once I settled into the story, I really saw how that first part was essential for the whole frame work of the story. I could clearly identify where the author was going as the story began to develop through the book.

I liked the sound of the blurb which interested me enough to want to read it, then I found that there was so much more going on then what the blurb was saying. There is a certain, shall I say magical quality to the plot that I thought was a unique twist on the stereotypical romantic comedy genre. It was that twist to the tale that really made the book shine for me, I loved the addition of Mirabella and what she brought to the story.

Over all this is a charming, humorous and quirky story, it is one of those books that some readers may feel not for them once started reading but I highly recommend that you persevere don’t give it up and I can guarantee that you will fall in love and go on an interesting journey.

Quirky and fun, a must read for fans of romantic comedies that have a certain edge.

This was a complimentary copy via the author in exchange for an honest review.

A Match Made in Heaven can be purchased from Amazon.

2 thoughts on “#Review – A Match Made in Heaven by Sun Chara (@sunchara3)

  1. Thank you!!! SO much for this wonderful review, Frankie! I was smiling all the way through reading it. So happy you enjoyed A Match Made in Heaven? and it made you laugh! I love it when my readers/reviewers are entertained!


    1. It was my pleasure, Sun! Thank you for the chance to read it for you and I’m so pleased you liked it. I think it is so important to be able you laugh along with the character’s, I do love having a good giggle. Thank you.😊 😘


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