There’s no matchmaking an unruly heart

When a prominent Scottish family faces a major scandal weeks before their daughter’s wedding, they turn in desperation to the enigmatic fixer for the aristocracy, Nichol Bain. Remarkably skilled at making high-profile problems go away, Nichol understands the issue immediately. The family’s raven-haired ward, Maura Darby, has caught the wandering eye–and rather untoward advances–of the groom.

Nichol assuredly escorts Maura toward his proposed solution: an aging bachelor for her to marry. But rebellious Maura has no interest in marrying a stranger, especially when her handsome traveling companion has captivated her so completely. Thankfully, Nichol loves a challenge, but traveling with the bold and brash Maura has him viewing her as far more than somebody’s problem. Which raises a much bigger issue–how can he possibly elude disaster when the heart of the problem is his own?

My View

This is book six and the final one in the fabulous Highland Groom series, I am saddened that there won’t be any more, I cannot tell you how much I have thoroughly enjoyed reading this series.

After the death of her father Maura became the ward of the Garbett family, over the years as she grew into a beautiful young woman and began to out shine their own daughter Sorcha, the Garbett’s begin to treat worse and worse as the years wore on until finally when the man who was intended for Sorcha takes a liking to Maura one thing leads to another and all hell breaks lose leaving poor Maura yet again without a home ad destined to live with a vile distant elation to the family while the Garbett’s try and fix the scandal that is about to erupt. With a wise word from the marvellous Duke of Montrose – I loved this man in the previous book and yes, I am still in love with him, he is such a wonderful character – Mr Garbett sent to the one man who can sort out their little issue.

Maura is completely innocent of all that she is accused of, Sorcha is nothing more than a spoilt little madam with an ugly and jealous streak that would make the Hulk look pretty. What precious Sorcha wants, precious Sorcha gets, which also includes the only thing that Maura has left of her family; her mother’s necklace.

Walk on the scene mysterious, gorgeous green eyed Nichol Bain – I do have a penchant for green eyed heroes. Nichol is very close friends with the Duke of Montrose and he also has a gift at fixing problems which is why the Duke sent Garbett to him. With a little crafty planning ad wee bit of manipulation Nichol has found the perfect solution – the only thing needed is to collect Maura for her take the part Nichol has planned for her.

But for the first time ever Nichol perfectly laid out plan basically get chucked out of the window when he meets feisty, intelligent and way to shrewd for her own good Maura, who has other idea’s. She has no intention what so ever in going along with the disturbingly handsome Scot’s plan, she has only two things that she wants; one is to leave the awful place she has found herself in, and get away from the man who has thinks of her nothing more then a plaything – literally she has had to barricade herself in her room to protect herself from this horrid man. And the second is her mothers necklace that the equally horrid Garbett’s stole from her.

Nichol is sympathetic to Maura’s cause, her plight resonates with him far more then he thought it would. Which is why he agrees to help her, which begins’ their journey one that is full of twists and turns, secrets and lies and mistrust. They are both so alike they have very similar backgrounds, they both have issues with trust which in Maura’s case is very easy to understand why, Nichol has his own secrets his own personal heartaches that have shaped and made the great man that he is. They are both lonely, suspicious and cynical people that I think do see the bad in people well before the good. Yet they both have huge hearts that are yearning for love, it just takes a while for them to get to their much needed happily ever after.

I have to say I adore that first moment where they meet, she has barricaded her self in her tower and because she refuses to come out Nichol decides to go all dashing hero and climbs the tower and goes through the window only to have a bit of a battle of wills with the not so damsel in distress, that is a brilliant scene and sets up their blustery relationship nicely.

Over all this is as ever a fantastic romance, I do love romance stories where the hero and heroine have to really work for their happily ever after and Ms London is a master as spinning a mesmerising and engaging tale that the reader can really get behind and love. I love the complexity of the story there is so much going on, the twists throughout are great additions to an already wonderfully immersive story. Seduced by the Scot will keep you glued and turning the pages, and keep you up way past your bedtime, It’s emotional, intriguing and though-provoking.

A fantastic book, I cannot recommend this book and this series enough!

This was a ARC via the author’s assistant in exchange for an honest review.

Seduced By A Scot is to be released on 30 October and can be pre-ordered at Amazon.

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