A lost princess…
And the prince who will protect her!

In this Russian Royals of Kuban story, Crown Princess Dasha is plucked from the flames of rebellion and sent to London with no memory of her past—everyone says she’s heiress to Kuban’s throne. Yet she trusts Ruslan Pisarev on first sight—he becomes her protector, her confidante, even her lover… But can Ruslan claim her for ever when she is awakened to the truth of her identity?

My View

I have been avidly reading this series since day one and I have been looking forward to reading this one, since the moment I saw the cover I was in love with it….I know, never judge a book by it’s cover, but this one is beautiful. I have to say that this has got to be my favourite so far, I do think that Ms Scott has out done herself with Awakened by The Prince’s Passion. It is a deeply emotional, passionate and enchanting romance that will stay with the reader long after the last page. This series has so far been full of intrigue, high on emotion and has captured my attention from day one. As with the previous books in the series Awakened by The Prince’s Passion can be read as a stand-a-lone.

Prince Ruslan is woken in the middle of the night with an unexpected guest suddenly arrive at his door, Princess Dasha has been saved from the rebellion, literally pulled from the burning palace and smuggled to London and delivered into the hands of Ruslan, who may be the only person to help protect her, but there is a catch; Princess Dasha has no idea who she is. One thing that she can be certain of is that she can trust this devilishly handsome man who promises to keep her safe and stand by her side no matter what may lay ahead for her. But various persons that either want to use Dasha to enhance their goals or assassinate her just for being who she is, she needs a friend more then ever. Which is when we see just how caring and wonderful a man Ruslan is, he instantly takes this beautiful, fragile yet fiery minded woman under his protection. The difference between him and every other man is that instead of telling her what is going to happen, he lays everything out for her to make the decisions and then he follows and respects her for it. That is the kind of man any woman wants in her life.

What a man Ruslan is, no wonder Dasha is in love with him. He is a wonderful man; caring, strong, passionate, sexy, he has a certain hypnotic quality about him and I find that so rare…I think he could be my favourite of Ms Scott’s heroe’s. I also love that he isn’t just a pretty face he has real intelligence, he is like a bird of prey, beautiful yet calculating and deadly. Ruslan has a gift at planning, he may be a diplomat and a Prince but he is an expert strategist with his help many, many people have had their lives saved because of him, which also includes his best friends and fellow Prince’s Nikolay, Stepan and Illarion.

Both Dasha and Ruslan have got serious decisions to make about both of their futures, does Dasha claim her birth right and go back to try to mend and lead her country? Or does she stay in London with the man she is falling in love with and begin a new life? But this decision is harder as the days go by she become more and more attuned to the danger that is surrounding her, especially the danger of a completely different kind, in the brutally handsome man who is by her side.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book, it is rich in both excitement, romance with some very cleverly written twists that keep the reader hooked. From page one the story has an element of danger, mystery and sexiness that is so wonderful to read. It’s fresh, stylish and exotic – and that is just Ruslan 😉 I mean, seriously he s a swoon-worthy, heart throb!! Ms Scott has woven an illuminating and charming story.

A pure joy to read, highly recommended!

This was a complimentary copy via the author in exchange for an honest review.

Awakened by The Prince’s Passion can be purchased from Amazon.

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