Italy, 1492. A ruthless mercenary skilled in the art of conquest. An heiress who refuses to be tamed. The Devil’s own bargain . . .

Cara di Montessori has a price upon her head. Her traitorous uncle has murdered her father and seized her home. Her only hope of survival, and of regaining her birthright, is an alliance with her childhood nemesis, the infamous mercenary Il Diavolo. The most irritating—and seductive—man Cara’s ever met.

Battle hardened and world-weary, Alessandro del Sarto has earned the sobriquet Il Diavolo. He needs a politically expedient marriage to secure the lasting peace he craves, but the simpering ladies of court hold little interest. More than anything, he longs for a challenge.

Headstrong beauty Cara has always been Il Diavolo’s only weakness, the one woman he’s never been able to forget. When she appears at his door begging for help, the two strike a devil’s bargain. In return for his assistance, for two weeks Cara must entertain his guests, relieve his boredom—and warm his bed.

Cara has no intention of succumbing to del Sarto’s studied seduction, but the passion that simmers between them is more potent than her paper twists of gunpowder. Surrounded by danger and intrigue, she must choose between what she’s always thought of as her destiny, and what could be the greatest prize of all—her heart’s desire.

From #1 Bestselling author K C Bateman comes a witty romantic adventure filled with passion, vengeance, and redemption.

My View

I am in absolute love this book (Or should that be, I am in absolute love with Il Diavolo?) I haven’t read an historical set during the Italian Renaissance in years, now after reading The Devil to Pay it has just reminded me of how much I love stories set during this era. This was also the first book I have read by K.C Bateman, and what a wonderful introduction into this author’s work. From the quality of this I will certainly been looking to read more by this author.

Cara di Montessori is running for her life, after the death of her father she now has a price on her head by her traitorous uncle who, knowing she is the rightful heir to the di Montessori ancestral estate wants her out of the way. The only person she knows who has the ability to help her regain her home and save her life is one of the last people she wanted to ask; the lethally, ruthless and way too devilishly handsome for his own good, mercenary Alessandro del Sarto – other wise known as Il diavolo. Once there the manipulative devil twists her request for help around to something far more dangerous, for her.

Cara isn’t your stereotypical heiress, she isn’t spoilt or useless she knows the ways of the world and she knows how dangerous that world can be. She has a proper head on her shoulders, with a brains and nerve to match any mercenary she is no wilting wallflower. She can fight as good as any man, she is intelligent and she knows where her place is in life and that place is to be the lady of her little kingdom just as her father has being training her for.

The devil himself has his eye on innocent Cara and what his dark gaze lingers on and wants the man gets, Alessandro agrees to help her reclaim her ancestral home and vows to protect her from her treasonous uncle, under one condition….she stay with him for two weeks and play the part of his hostess/ wife for his guests, which also includes complying with all wifely duties in and out of the bed chamber. Cara should have expected such a devious and dastardly proposition, but it doesn’t take away her shock. She is inexplicable drawn to the brute, but she has vowed she will not – no matter what he does to her – give in.

But will how long can she really resist the one man who makes her heart beat a frenzied tune?

My goodness, how much do I love Alessandro? Really there isn’t enough words or heart eyes to convey what a fantastic character this man is. Dark, deadly and ruthless, I do have a thing for the more dangerous and flawed character and this man is everything you would ever want on a bad boy. Being a mercenary he is feared by everyone. He is a brilliant warrior, but he is also tired of it, deep down he craves peace and solitude, which is why he must himself a wife who will ensure that the fragile peace he has literally fought so hard for continues. Alessandro is a smoking hot, devil who oozes sex appeal, he can make any woman with a pulse swoon with just a mere look from those deadly dark, manipulative eyes. He is definitely a devil, or a pirate…either way he is so swoon-worthy! But as well as being extremely easy on the readers eye, deep down he has a soft, kinder heart hidden – very well hidden – he has always held a light for Cara and I do think that she is the perfect woman for him. She is feisty, imaginative, intelligent and not at all intimidated by his bullish and brooding personality which he finds to be a refreshing change from the simpering dull women that surround him.

The Devil to Pay is an imaginative, sexy and captivating romance that engages the readers attention from page one. The plot is fresh, fun and engrossing, the mix of the super sexy enemies to lovers story and a thrilling edge of your seat sub-plot of getting Cara’s home back this book has it all. The thing that really caught my attention with it was the interactions between Cara and Alessandro, they go through so many emotions and as the reader you feel it too. At times it is heated, sexy and passionate and then there is when Cara literally hold a dagger to the deadly mercenary’s heart – she has got real pluck. Ms Bateman has created a wonderful story that really has you at the edge of your seat, her writing is strong, articulate and engaging and I can not wait to read more from this new to me author.

I do love this book, I have always had a soft spot for this era and I am so pleased that I got the chance to read this one. For those that love the likes of Gabriella Kimm then I can guarantee that you will love this too and if you haven’t read an Italian Renaissance era story, then read this. It is marvellous!

An incredibly sexy and mesmerising book that will hook you with a devil of a lead man 😉

This was a complimentary copy via the author in exchange for an honest review.

The Devil To Pay is available now and can be purchased from Amazon.

3 thoughts on “#Review : The Devil To Pay by K.C. Bateman (@katebateman)

  1. Great review, Frankie! I have this on my priority reading list. If you loved this one, I am sure you will love her Secrets and Spies series too.


    1. Thank you, Carol. This is brilliant, it’s been ages since I read a book in the Renaissance era. I will definitely be looking into more of Kate’s books. Thank you for the recommendation! 😊


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