The past is never really the past at Hartford Hall …

Aidan Edwards has always been fascinated by the life of his great-great uncle Robert. A trip to Hartford Hall and an encounter with Cassie Aldrich lead him closer to the truth about Robert Edwards, as he unravels the scandalous story of a bright young poet and a beautiful spirited aristocrat in the carefree twilight of the 1930s before the Second World War.

But can Aidan find out what happened to Robert after the war – or will he have to accept that certain parts of his uncle’s life will remain forever shrouded in mystery?

My View

This is a solid story that entwines a gorgeous love story with poignant history, that I can guarantee will have you mesmerized. Ms Ferry is a new to me author, yet once I read about this book I was intrigued by its premise of it and I can say that I was not disappointed. Time-slip novels are always a bit hit and miss with me, but Ms Kerry has done a wonderful job at keeping each side of the story well rounded, it isn’t taxing the story flows steadily between the past and the present.

The story is split between two eras and focuses on two sets of individuals who over time their lives become inexplicably entwined. In the present day Cassie has taken on far too much to arrange a Historical day at Hartford Hall, then suddenly dashing Aidan turns up with lots of questions. Aidan is researching great, great Uncle Robert who he believes was at Hartford Hall at a crucial point in his life in the late 30s. Soon both Cassie and Aidan are embroiled in the past in trying to find out about Robert and his time at the hall. As they search for the answer to Aidan’s question they soon find a flicker of something crackling between them. As well as two heart-wrenching love stories there is a mystery that as the story goes along we readers slowly discover the truth as Aidan Cassie does, which really makes the whole book very all-inclusive between reader and characters.

I love how the story entwines two completely different eras and stories to create this wonderfully immersive story about love and heartbreak. I was actually more drawn towards Robert’s story during the 1930s mainly because I do love a historical one, but the way the author has captured the essence of the time is beautiful, her writing really pulls at the heartstrings as well as leaves you feeling all warm and comforted.

That is what I describe in this book; comforting! I love how Ms Kerry has brought together these two eras, intermingling Roberts’s life with the present is quite stirring stuff. This is book three in the Hartford Hall Mysteries, I hadn’t read any of the previous in the series, but that didn’t matter or hinder my enjoyment of this book. This was a pleasant and charming book to read, and from this, I know that I will read much more from this talented author.


This was an ARC copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

Watch For Me By Twilight is available on Amazon.


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