A London Affair

Kate leaves the countryside for a job in a posh London deli and is soon surrounded by croissants and cappuccinos as she finds herself at the centre of a delicatessen dating adventure. Along with the job come, new flatmates, including the fun, exasperating Imogen and her long-suffering boyfriend, Freddy. Kate thinks she’s doomed to early spinsterhood, but Immy has other ideas and sends her friend out into dating land with unexpected consequences for them all. This is a fun romance that takes the reader from the King’s Road to Cornwall with an eclectic bunch of characters including an old hippy, a Russian property magnate and an ex-boyfriend who doesn’t know when to give up.

French Kisses

When Rachel Thompson moved to France in her early twenties, little did she suspect she would stay, become a successful artist and marry Michael, the love of her life? Life in France is peachy until Michael hits 40, discovers his inner love-rat and runs off with the kids’ young, skinny, dance teacher. Determined to rebuild her life, Rachel recruits friends, neighbours and her children to help her transform the family home into a cosy guest house, and soon attracts an eclectic collection of visitors – and two quite different admirers.

My View

What a wonderfully uplifting book this is! This is the first I have read by Jan Ellis and I can say without a doubt that it will not be the last. French Kisses and a London Affair are two heart-warming stories about two completely different women, both at different stages of their lives who find love without looking for it in the most unexpected places.

The first part follows Rachel’s story, after years of happy marriage which resulted in two children and a glorious house in rural France, Rachel is happy and content with her life and she thought Michael her husband was too. That is until one day he drops a bombshell on her; he is leaving her for a younger woman, and Rachel is left in a bit of a rut. She is an accomplished artist but after the break-up of her marriage she is feeling rather downtrodden, she tries to keep up appearances for the sake of her children but deep down she is unsettled. Then one day her friend gives her the idea to open up a guesthouse, which results in some quite unexpected turns in Rachel’s life. One of which could mean love, but who will be the one to sweep her off her feet?

The second part is all about Kate who after defying her parents and deciding against going to university as she doesn’t believe that spending another four years studying is the best thing for her, she wants something more than just classes and exams and she doesn’t want to be weighed down with a degree that may not even get her anywhere in life. So, she takes a job in a high-end London Delicatessen where she is coerced into the dating game by her lovely but slightly pushy new flatmates. Along the way, she meets some very interesting people, but is her soul mate amongst them, or is he, right before her eyes?

I loved both of these stories, they are warm, sentimental and loving. Showing that no matter where you are in life that love can present itself in the most unexpected places. Ms Ellis has created two brilliantly romantic and very realistic stories both of the heroines develop steadily throughout which keeps you engaged throughout. I particularly like the backing characters in both, each one is well crafted and very likeable.

Thoroughly enjoyed this, it is easy to read and warm-hearted book, that leaves the reader feeling inspired.

This was a complimentary copy via the author in exchange for an honest review.

French Kisses and a London Affair is available now on Amazon.

8 thoughts on “Review – French Kisses And A London Affair by Jan Ellis

  1. This review will keep me smiling for days! I’m so pleased you enjoyed my stories and thanks so much for sharing your thought. Jan x


      1. Thank you for taking the time to write such a thoughtful piece. If you’d like to read the others, I’d be happy to ping them over. Xx


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