One stolen night…
…leads to unexpected wedding vows!

Part of The Sommersby Brides: widowed Lady Charlotte Gregory believes she’ll never marry again after losing her husband—until meeting dashing Lord Andrew Pearce brings her respectable lonely world back to vibrant life! Left alone one night, they give in to their desires—only to find their secret passion leads to shock, scandal…and a sudden marriage of convenience!

My View

Well, what an amazing start to this new series by the very talented Ms Benson. This is one of those books that is way too good to be true, it is fabulous. It is in essence a ‘Marriage of Convenience’ but I also see it as a moving on and second chances romance, as both of our lead’s have in their own way suffered in one way or another and finding each other is their chance to finally be happy.

While attending the funeral of her sister’s late husband, Lady Charlotte Gregory literally bumps into a man who spark’s something in her that she never thought to feel again. After the death of her husband fours years ago, Charlotte thoroughly believes that she will never re-marry she will never find a man who steals her heart as much as her later husband did. Hers was a genuine love match, she cared deeply for him and was broken hearted when he died in battle. Meeting Lord Andrew Pearce shook her world, retreating home to Cheshire where she unexpectedly meets the dashing rogue again and those feelings soon re-appear.

Andrew has a secret and because of what he does for a living he is worn out not just physically but physiologically. He isn’t interested in settling down, or in anything really. To me he is burnt out, too many thing’s have happened to him, he has been through so much he has lost focus, which is why his logical big brother; Gabriel makes him take a breather and sends him off to friends in Cheshire, where something thing happens to him that he never thought or wanted it to.

Meeting Charlotte really is the making of him, she is the calming light that his troubled soul needs, and they really are such a sizzling and cute couple. There are some hugely magical moments between them, really who knew that watching a firework display and practicing archery could be so sexy!

It is so good seeing the Pearce brothers again, I was intrigued with Andrew when we first meet him in the previous series, so I am so happy that Ms Benson decided to start a whole new series with Andrew as the leading man. I will admit that he is actually so different to how I first saw him to be. At first, he appears to be the fun, easy going and a somewhat cheeky chappie who is trying to avoid attachment’s like he is avoiding the plague. But beneath that gusty roguish twinkle there is serious and troubled young man. He is traumatised by past event’s and by what he does, he is vulnerable and brooding and if not for the support from his big brother Gabriel, Andrew would have gone completely off the rails.

Andrew makes your heart hurt for him, his journey in particular is a masterpiece of writing. Benson has gone above and beyond with this one. The chemistry between all the sibling’s, Charlotte and her sisters are loving and funny – I particulay like Elizabeth, she is a hoot as is their aunt Clara. Andrew and his brothers are wonderfully fun, engaging and supportive of each other.

I have loved all of Benson’s books to date, but this is in a league of its own. It is a stylishly written, heart-breaking, emotional and vividly accurate. One Week to Wed is a perfect, roller coaster ride of emotional angst. The actual story line is a very simple one, but Ms Benson has added her unique magic to it and woven a beautiful, engrossing and thoughtful story full of love. The characters are highly believable and likable, the story flows seamlessly taking you from one scene to another without blinking and it really is an absolute joy to read. I am so looking forward to the next in the series.

Stunningly beautiful.

This was an ARC copy via the author in exchange for an honest review

One Week to Wed is to be released on 28th June and can be pre-ordered at Amazon.

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