When destitute widow Mary Vale aids an injured man on the road, she is shocked to discover that he is the reclusive Lucas Alastair, Marquis of Rothley! She’s intrigued by the dark marquis, but when she offers to nurse him back to health in return for shelter, he proves a difficult patient!

Lucas hides some deep emotion beneath his brusque manner, and a stolen kiss leaves her longing for more…. Able to help mend his physical injuries, can Mary heal the wounds of his painful past?

My View

I am a huge fan of Ms Preston’s work, I have yet to come across a book of hers that I haven’t loved and yet again she has rolled out another amazing story that grabs your attention and won’t let go right until the last page. And even after the last page, I am still thinking about Mary and Lucas. You literally become transported to another time and place, this isn’t just good, this is breathtakingly good. What I can’t believe is that Mary and the Marquis is in fact Janice Preston’s debut…What? No way! I have always known that she is an accomplished writer, but I would never have put this amazing book at a debut. It reads as beautifully and perfectly as all the others I have read by Ms Preston and it is wonderfully written!

Secretive widow; Mary is travelling to places unknown, due to reasons she would rather keep close to her chest she is destitute she has no home no friend and no way to go, all she has is the clothes on her back and her two adorable children. So, when she comes across an injured man in the middle of the woods, she fully plans to leave him where he is, after all, he could be anyone. What if he’s a highwayman? But Mary has a good heart and her conscience would have allowed her to leave a man in need, so she helps him. But she is astounded to find out that this isn’t a highway or a pick-pocket, he is in fact the elusive and shadowy Marquis of Rothley.

Once she has manhandled the Marquis to his home – which is surprisingly sparse of staff and into bed, not in the way you’re thinking 12 she involuntary becomes in charge of nursing him back to health which is all well and good until he wakes up. It becomes very apparent to Mary that he isn’t going to sit idly by, be a good buy and do as he is told. No, he is gruff, growly, evasive but more than that he is breathtakingly handsome, with a fragile and sexy gleam in his eyes that draws her to him like a moth to a flame. While she is dealing with his mood swings and bad temper, she senses that something is lurking beneath his mask and as much as she tries not to, she is instantly intrigued by him.

But she is a proud woman and a wonderful mother who will do anything to make sure that her two children are safe, even if that means working as a nurse to a grumpy Lord just so they will have a roof over their heads and food in the bellies. I love her strength, her nature and her determination to look after her family and do the right thing.

Now I do tend to latch on to characters and not let them go, and Lucas has definitely become one of my favourites. Oh, my word; Lucas!! What a complex and fascinating man, sinfully sexy – really a man shouldn’t be allowed to turn your blood to boil while he is recuperating, no wonder Mary has a hard time trying to compose herself. He is a perfect brooding hero, who oozes raw, brawny sex appeal. Lucas has a real tortured mind and everyone knows how much I love a good tormented hero! He has got skeletons well, l and truly hidden away in the closet. He has troubles bubbling in that gloriously fine head of his, which have caused him to close himself off, starved himself of the friendship and love that he so deserves. That is until he meets his little nurse!

I love this couple they are both as complex as the other, and the chemistry is sizzling and sensual. They are loving, passionate and affectionate. There is an instant attraction that bubbles and boils over, mainly due to his at times lucid imagination and constant flirting.

I was hooked on this story, I devoured every page and then I came to want more at the end. I was captivated and engaged throughout, Mary and the Marquis is delicious! Preston’s writing shines with charm, magic and personality. I cannot recommend this author and this book enough, roll on to the next Janice Preston book!

Mary and the Marquis are available now and can be purchased on Amazon.


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