“Strait-laced. Ruthless. Arrogant.”
Alexander Westside, the Duke of Rakecombe has no quarrel with such faint praise as he has forever shunned marriage, women and anything remotely resembling love. Indeed, the damning words merely serve to enhance his haughty façade. But beneath the controlled demeanour lies a duke beset by tragedy, a man turbulent and restless.

“Forthright. Impudent… Capricious saucebox.”
Miss Aideen Quinlan can’t quite explain why she feels the need to taunt, tease and generally annoy the Duke of Rakecombe. Maybe it was for the heart-racing spar of words that always ensued, or maybe it was to see the duke’s broad fist clench on his ebony cane, green eyes glittering.
Or maybe it was because she was unable to erase the memory of his vehement kiss…

An unlikely couple.

Torn between his world of espionage and this unquenchable passion, the duke still refuses to lower his fierce defences. If Aideen is to capture her resistant duke’s troubled heart, it is she who must follow the Rules of the Rogue.

Resistance is futile…

My View

This is the first book I have read by Emily Windsor and it is a marvellous introduction to her work. Let Sleeping Dukes Lie is book two in the ‘Rules of the Rogues’ Series, I didn’t read book one I found that didn’t affect my reading of this one. I read it very much as a stand-alone, and because of Ms Windsor’s articulated writing there are mentions of the first book’s storyline, so I felt that I could very easily follow the series.

After a kidnapping month before, which brought Aideen Quinlan to the attention of the sinfully handsome; Alexander Westside, the Duke of Rakecombe. Now she is back in her old life again going about her everyday business and yet she can’t get the alluring and infuriating Rakecombe out of her mind, and worse still is that whenever she seems to think about him, there he is purposely riling her.

Aideen is a real firecracker, not averse to speaking her mind, strong, resourceful, fierce and very witty. The spark between her and Alexander when they are bantering is electric. She is also a woman after my own heart, I love the scene when she is talking to Alexander and she says – that as long as there are lobster patties and scotch eggs at a party she is oblivious to what is going on. Very funny, I love it!

Spy to the crown; Alexander over the years has become cold and jaded, he has darkness and tragedy that have kept hold of him and so far, has been unwilling to let go. Months earlier he saved beautiful Aideen and now he can’t get the woman with the sensual eyes out of his mind, but Alexander has been given a job by his handler. There is a traitor in their midst, and it is up to Alexander and junior agent; Jack Winterbourne to uncover who it is and stop them. But they don’t count on the twist and turns and shock that await them in their investigation.

Oh, my word! Rakecombe, what a character, I have always been drawn to a pair of sizzlingly sexy green eyes, but this man just blows your mind with just how devastatingly sexy he is. Beautiful, tormented, sinful, superior intelligent and highly protective. definitely the dominant male in the wolf pack, or maybe he is the lone wolf that doesn’t need or want a pack? And yet what an incredible turn around in him in the ending, leaping from the port onto a moving boat just to claim his woman…Swooning!

I can’t mention Alexander’s fellow spy; Jack Winterbourne. Oh, my goodness, I love him! He is a real rake. Jack has a zest for life and skill for wooing the ladies, no woman is safe with him around – which also includes Alexander’s own mother, that is a very funny scene and you can feel Alexander cringing as his mother bat’s her eyes lashes and giggles like a school girl when she meets Jack. This man needs a story!

I found Ms Windsor’s writing to be smart and sassy, and I am looking forward to reading or from this author. The way she grabs your attention with every scene with your senses is wonderful. Not only describing what the characters are seeing but the aromas, what they hear and taste it makes very vivid and enjoyable reading. The plot is fast and intriguing, it’s fast and fluid I particularly liked the bantering between the character it’s fun and witty with some laugh-out-loud moments. There is sexiness and sweetness to this book, it promises more to come.

I really enjoyed it, it has rogues, spies and dangerous, double-dealing with thrilling twists, spicy heroines and flawed heroes it all makes a page-turning engrossing story.

Highly recommended and very enjoyable!

This was a complimentary copy via the author in exchange for an honest review.

Let Sleeping Dukes lie is available now and can be found on Amazon.

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