Comparison Between Writing Romance and Reading Romance by Jenna Hines

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Comparison between Writing Romance and Reading Romance

by Jenna Hines

Why I Love Romance:

Romance is a means of escape. It can give us hope and comfort and allows us to disappear into another world. To forget for a short time, our daily commitments. 

I have been reading Romance all my life, which spans more than sixty years. My writing of Romance, however, only covers the last fifteen of those years.

First, let me tell you why I read and write Romance. Simple, I am a born Romantic and love a happy ending. Romance is very important to me as it has always formed part of my life. I fell ‘in love’ for the first time at the tender age of fourteen and the romantic notion of being with ‘The One’ has stayed with me forever, even though sadly, my first love remained a part of my past! I have kept my romance alive with each relationship I have been involved in, but alas many times it has not been reciprocated. I still live in hope! I have learned that being romantic helps me to get through all the ups and downs life throws at us. As I said before I am a born Romantic and have a tendency to look at life through those proverbial ‘rose tinted’ spectacles!! I will continue to read and write Romance as I believe one can truly be embroiled in it!

Here are my comparisons using a chart showing, for ease of demonstration, the two main characters who are romantically involved; How I read about them and how I would write about them. Each point showing the difference.



A. I lose myself in the characters who are romantically involved and build up a picture of them in my mind.

B. I automatically relate to the ‘couple’ who are romantically together.

C. I become engrossed in the couple I am reading about and wrapped up in their journey.

D. When the couple has a disagreement, I wonder why and try to understand the reason for the fallout.

E. When the couple ‘make-up’ I am engrossed in the process.

F. If one half of the couple is interested in a.n. other I read on to see what will happen.

G. For the final romantic passages. I read on enthralled.


A. I manipulate the characters to become romantically involved. Sometimes they manipulate me! I describe each one in detail to give the reader an insight into how they look and act.

B. I ensure the ‘couple’ come together by showing/telling the reader how.

C. I develop the couple and make sure the reader is engaged in their journey together by my description.

D. If the couple has a falling out I explain why to the reader by adding dialogue; maybe in the form of an argument.

E. When the couple re-engages, I elaborate on how and why by explaining to the reader the circumstances of making up and the reasons why.

F. For the one who is unfaithful, I describe the ‘other’ person and describe how and why they got to this point.

G. A smooth ending is described by me in detail on how the characters reach the finale of their romantic journey.


About the Author

A born romantic, Jenna Hines has finally followed her dreams. As a child she spent all her spare time in the public library, engrossed in stories of romantic fiction that enthralled her. In her early teens she craved to write her own stories, but it was much later in life that Jenna found the opportunity to fulfil her ambition. Victorian/Edwardian history had always captivated her. She re-familiarised herself with the era and began a new career, writing romantic stories set in the periods.

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