Elizabeth’s Choice is the long-awaited sequel to Darcy Chooses – The Complete Novel.

Finally, Darcy has made Elizabeth his own as she has become his wife, much to the delight of both. Finding joy with her and true happiness that he hasn’t had in years, his life is complete. And his wife is more than pleased to be Mrs Elizabeth Darcy with the one she admires above all men.

Embarking on their honeymoon to Ireland, the two will draw ever closer as they find more in common as tourists in a country with a history and heritage as rich as that of England. Darcy strengthens the bond with old friends as Elizabeth makes new friends that will enrich her life as Mrs Darcy while learning more about those who inhabit the Emerald Isle.

But all is not sweetness and delight as an old enemy appears and threatens the safety and even the lives of the lovebirds. Will they survive the encounter, or will it leave a memory that will forever scar the heart?


This is the first time I have read Gianna Thomas’ work, and I thoroughly enjoyed it, I did come into this book and Thomas’ writing with completely open eyes and I thought “What a lovely and unique take on the loved story”. I sometimes find it hard to connect with some variations of the Pride and Prejudice story, I have read Austen based stories that have been lacking a certain sparkle. So, I will admit that I am always wary whenever I pick up a variation of an Austen, but as always I started this one with an open mind, but I was pleasantly surprised and pleased with this. The famous love story between Darcy and Elizabeth is there but there is a freshness to it that I really like. When you first start reading the vocabulary between the character’s is very Austen-esque but as the story moves along and it changes and becomes new and fresh. I felt that I was getting to know Darcy and Elizabeth as completely new character’s, and I think that is testament to Gianna’s Thomas’ skilled writing.

The story starts with Darcy and Elizabeth in the honeymoon stage, they are newly married and very, very much in love. With the amount of romping about in bed they do, they are definitely making up for all the to-ing and fro-ing that went on in the original story. It is really lovely to see a side to Darcy that we never see, he isn’t the tongue tied and slightly evasive gentleman we have come to know. But this newly married Darcy is a sex-mad stud, lavishing his wife in love and attention. He is attentive and loving, the relationship between him and Elizabeth is sensual, enthralling and all consuming.

Darcy plans a honeymoon in Ireland for them, they make their way to the dock where they stay in a little picturesque inn. One aboard they make their way over the sea to their ultimate destination but once there, they not only become enriched by the beauty of the place and the sights, they start to see one and other in different light’s, they learn more about each other that draws them ever closer. But Darcy’s meticulously laid out plan goes astray as a face from both their past’s turn’s up, bringing with him trouble that has Darcy both fuming and concerned for his and Elizabeth’s safety.

I have to say that Thomas’s detailing into everything from the journey on the ship over, to the beautiful country of Ireland itself is just fabulous. She hasn’t left anything out, your imagination is captured you can vividly see how much work into she has put into her research for this book, I love the little details and how vivid the story telling is throughout the book.

I very much enjoyed this, Thomas has a light and fluid style of writing that I felt has a very Austen-esque feel to it, but also it has a modern and fresh edge, which I found very appealing. Elizabeth’s Choice is a fun and heart warming story that flows effortlessly, it is hugely romantic and exciting with a real edge of your seat, jaw dropping twist at the end.

I think this will really appeal to those who enjoy reading more Austen-esque romances, and I do very much recommend it.

Very enjoyable!

Elizabeth’s Choice is available now and can be purchased at Amazon.

This was a complimentary copy via the author in exchange for an honest review.

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