I have the great pleasure of having new Historical Romance author; Ana Morgan visit Chicks, Rogues and Scandals today for a chat, so take a seat and lets get to know a little about Ana…

When she was small, Ana Morgan’s life goal was to know something about everything. She has waitressed, driven a school bus, milked cows, run craft service on an indie film set, hiked through European castles, wired a house, married a Marine, and studied the stars. She can change a flat tire but prefers a gallant, handsome stranger who strips off his jacket and spins the lug nuts for her.

Ana embarked on her writing career by crafting succinct cooking directions for her Secret Garden soup mixes—and graduated to lyrical essays about living on a small organic farm for her CSA’s weekly newsletter. Eventually she realized she wanted to write what she loved to read—steamy romance novels.

She and her husband eloped six weeks after they met and moved from southern California to northern Minnesota. They taught themselves how to milk cows (at first by hand), and raised three go-getter children. One is an award-winning woodworker. Another is IT super-smart. The third is an actor-director-producer.

Ana edits for a regional literary publication, The Talking Stick, and currently serves as president of From the Heart Romance Writers.

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Frankie Hi Ana, Welcome to Chicks, Rogues and Scandals! Thank you for taking the time to chat with me today.

Firstly, what five words would you use to describe yourself?       

Ana Studious, tenacious, loyal, life-long learner, lover of words.

Frankie If you could take a holiday in any era and place, when and where would it be? And why?        

Ana I’d go back to the time of Arthur and Guinevere and apprentice with Merlin. Learn to be wise and mysterious and do magic.

Frankie Oooh, that’s a new one on me and I like it! Can you tell us a little about latest release? This can be your most recent or up-and coming release.

Ana Stormy Hawkins was released last fall. It’s a sweeping historical adventure that begins and ends with love on a Dakota Territory cattle ranch. In between, there’s an explosion on a Missouri River boat, a kidnapping, and the return of a prodigal son. It’s been described as a page-turner.

Frankie That sounds brilliant, Who was your childhood hero?              

Ana My family lived in Frankfurt, Germany when I was a child. My hero was our cleaning lady. She and her family had escaped from East Germany with just the clothes on their backs. I watched her eat an apple one day, everything but the stem and the seeds. I was ashamed of how much I wasted when I ate an apple. Since that day, I have been uber-conscious of not wasting food, water, and other resources.

Frankie That is such a lovely answer, Thank you! If you could have one of your books made into a film, which book would it be and who would play your lead character’s?                  

Ana Stormy Hawkins is my first published book, but I have a manuscript under my bed that I would love to make into a movie. It’s a time travel where the heroine wakes up in her previous life as a spoiled princess in 15th century Brittany. She has to convince the Celtic priest hero to send her back before she’s forced to marry the sadistic cousin of King Louis. High drama, sumptuous costumes and, of course, more magic. The hero would be played by Gerard Butler (Sean Connery is too old. Sigh.) The heroine could be played by Gal Godot.

Frankie Wow! That sounds brilliant, a bit like Outlander. I would definitely watch/read it. Out of all your work, who is your favourite character and why?

Ana That’s hard to say. There is a bit of me in every heroine I’ve created—Stormy Hawkins, Mary Masters, Angel Foster, Joni Folkright. And I fall in love with every hero. They are Alpha males: physically and morally strong, intelligent, determined to point of being stubborn. Most importantly, they discover that their heroine’s love is what they’ve been missing.

Frankie Where does your inspiration for your books come from?  

Ana From dreams. More correctly, what swirls in my head as I wake up, before thoughts of the physical world intrude.

Frankie What three tips would you pass on to an aspiring author?

Ana Join a critique group, online if you can’t find a local one. Study a lot by reading books of craft or taking classes. Again, so many are available online. Don’t expect to have your first submission accepted.

And—if I may?—don’t ever give up on your dream of being able to tell a really good story.

Frankie Off course, those are brilliant tips, Thank you! If you were hosting a dinner party what three people would you invite? (They can be real/fictional, from any era.)      

Ana I’d invite Helen Keller because she was simply amazing; blind and deaf and brilliant. She proved to the world that disabled people are gifted. I’d invite Anne Frank because she had hope when facing pure evil. And I’d invite Queen Elizabeth I. She sacrificed her personal desires for her country and ruled it brilliantly.

Frankie That would be a seriously brilliant dinner party, Thank you Ana for taking the time out of your busy schedule to chat with me today, I have just one more cheeky question, just for fun . . . What is your all-time favourite naughty but nice food?

Ana Cheesecake!

Thank you, Frankie. These were great questions.

Ana Morgan

Frankie Ha,ha! Ditto, Thank you!


Ana’s debut book; Stormy Hawkins (Prairie Hearts #1) is out now and can be found at Amazon.

Blade Masters has finally spotted his ideal Dakota Territory ranch, where he can live alone, forget his cheating ex-fiancée, and bury the shards of his shattered heart. All he needs to do is sweet-talk the ailing owner, and his spitfire daughter, into retiring.

If she weren’t desperate, Stormy would never hire a cowhand. She’s learned the hard way that she’s happier working her family’s ranch alone. But, the greedy banker who holds their mortgage just demanded payment in full—or her hand in marriage.

Will this handsome drifter protect her? Or does he have designs of his own?

Stormy Hawkins can be purchased at Amazon.


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