The scandalous truth…

She’s the count’s new mistress!

In this Matches Made in Scandal story, Count Aleksei Derevenko hires governess Allison Galbraith for her skills as a herbalist, not as a mistress! But when rumours spread Allison is shocked by her wanton reaction to Aleksei. His inscrutable icy blue eyes promise white-hot nights of sin! She knows too well how fragile her reputation is, but will the price of their passion be worth paying?


This is book one in this new series; Matches Made in Scandal and what a sterling start, to what is set to be a great series. Judging by this book we are in store to meet some wonderful character’s and become absorbed into some gripping and romantic stories. From Governess to Countess is a mixture of devoted and endearing love and a gripping ‘Wants going to happen next’ story,

Allison Galbraith after an unfortunate incident that ruined her hard worked for career and sent her to be living in practical isolation in the middle of know where, she is shocked to find the legendary “Procurer” standing on her doorstep offering her something that she never thought she could have; a second chance. The Procurer has been hired by her client – the supremely sexy and charismatic Count Aleksei Derevenko – to find a woman who not only will be a governess to his orphaned wards, but also to do another task, a task that top secret and for the sake of the Derevenko name and cannot be disclosed to anyone. Allison knows that she has nothing to lose by accepting this new job, she has lost confidence and faith not just in other’s but in herself and her abilities and this is the chance for to gain that back again.

When Allison arrives in St Petersburg she finally comes face to face with the mysterious Count Derevenko, he isn’t at all what she expects he is firstly a lot younger then she had originally thought him to be. And with those brighter than bright, blue eyes twinkling at her, he proves himself to be not just mysterious but highly seductive.

He was not wearing his uniform today, for which she was – shamefully – grateful, for it was true what the courtier had whispered salaciously last night, there was something about a man in uniform. Or at least there was something about this man in uniform….

Allison, she has been through a lot, as a herbalist she is a woman competing in a man’s world, she has had to fend of scorn and distrust to be able to do what she loves, only for that to be taken away from her in the harshest way. I think that what happened to her has knocked her confidence, she has lost a lot of faith in those around her and especially in herself. Which is a real shame! She has gone back into her little shell, I got a sense that before the incident she was a strong woman who was a real fighter but when she withdrew from public she became little more than a naïve and vulnerable little girl. The transformation in her the moment she steps foot in St Petersburg is so lovely to see, she blooms into a sensual woman all with the help of our dashing Count.

Aleksei was at Waterloo when his older brother and sister-in-law suddenly died within days of each other, he returns home to take responsibility for his nieces and nephew and of the estate. He has suspicions of what really happened to his brother, but he knows that he can’t trust those around him, the whole of Russian society is bloody thirsty and back-stabbing. With the Procurer’s help he employs Allison, first and foremost as a governess for his orphaned wards, but he needs her skills in something much more important – and dangerous. Will she be able to help him, but more than that – can Aleksei keep his hands off her long enough for them to finally get to the bottom of what really happened? He falls for her instantly but he holds himself back but she doesn’t make things easy for him to be a good boy and not act on his surging and all encompassing urge to give into his desire for her and have his wicked way with her – not that she would complain, after all who would? 😉

Aleksei is a career soldier who doesn’t know how to – or even if he wants to – take over for his late brother, even though he is a dutiful man he would much rather be back at the front with his men. He is uncomfortable in the grand and glamourous – if in some ways deadly – society. At heart Aleksei is a man of simple loves, such as spending an afternoon on the lake with the woman he loves or just taking a moment to appreciate a good cup of tea. He is such an unusual man and not at all what I expected of a Russian Count he has a magnetic charm that draws any woman with a pulse to him like a moth to a flame. Charismatic, suave and charming to a fault and under all that raw sex appeal there lies a real conflicted man, a man who is out of his depth.

“What if you are disappointed?”

“That is simply not possible” Aleksei turned her hand over, pressing a kiss to her palm. “I have wanted you so much, from the moment I met you.”

“Have you?” Her voice no longer sounded strident, but breathy, her pulses were still fluttering, but in a very different manner.

“You know I have…”

From Governess to Countess is an engaging story, it dazzles you with the chemistry between Allison and Aleskei and teases you into wanting more. The twists and turns regarding what happened with Aleksei’s brother which runs throughout the story is intriguing but more than that, I particularly like how vivid St Petersburg and the Deverenko palace are, you can just feel the grandeur and the glitz. Ms Kaye transport’s you to a glamourous and place where people aren’t who they seem and has created a supremely ogle-worthy hero who glitter’s and shimmer’s in your imagination.

I hugely enjoyed this book, and I am so looking forward to seeing where Ms Kaye is going to take this series. Highly recommended!

This was an ARC copy via the author in exchange for an honest review.

From Governess to Countess if to be release on 22nd February and can be pre-ordered at Amazon.


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