An epic tale of enduring love, powerful enough to survive time and circumstance. Two souls destined to be halves of a whole but fated to be kept apart. And yet, a love such as this is not content to blindly accept the bonds of fate…

Nathaniel can hardly recall a time he hasn’t adored Madeline. For Madeline, he truly is her knight in shining armour. Alas, one stolen night is all they are granted before Madeline is given in marriage to the wealthy and titled Earl of Melbourne, who is a great favourite of the king. A whirlwind of intrigue and contrivance follows Madeline as she joins the court and catches the eye of the king, whilst cruel fate conspires to keep Madeline and Nathaniel apart despite their desperate love.


This is the second book by Ms Snow and it is so different to that what I have read before, this is a lot lighter then I had come to expect from her, but in no way lacking. The story of two star crossed lovers torn apart by circumstance and life is endearing.

Nathanial is the low born son of one of lady Elspeth’s maids, his lordship; John of Alwinsopp was a decent man and gave Nathanial opportunities that in any other household he would never have been able to achieve; such as getting the education that only an aristocrat could afford, and it is through close contact and practically living with the family that he and Lord John’s only daughter; Lady Madeline became best friends. Nathanial and Madeline first had a loving brother/sister relationship but after various events they both came to realise that they actually love one and other. So, when her father decides that now is the time that his free-spirited daughter to marry they are both distraught over their imminent separation.

Madeline knows that she will never love any man the ways she does Nate and so on the eve of her wedding to a man she has just met, she persuades Nate to let her have just one night with him, one night with the man she loves where she can just be herself. Nate cannot believe that Madeline came to him, but he knows that this could be the last time he ever sees her, so he gives her what she wants – what they both want. It is tender and loving, all their feelings for each other just comes pouring out of the page you can really feeling their angst at the situation that they are in.

Nate isn’t a complicated man, he likes simplicity I think he would like to see the world as black and white/right and wrong, but he soon learns that life isn’t always like, so he does what he knows is right and protects the one woman he loves above his very life. He is a wonderful character, he’s very quiet and unassuming a man who will always do what is needed of him.

Her mother; Lady Elspeth is a spiteful and somewhat selfish creature who has disliked and resented Madeline just because she wasn’t born a son, the son Lady Elspeth wanted so much. Now the moment has arrived that she is to be rid of the daughter that she never wanted, and she goes about it in her usual spiteful and somewhat humiliating way for Madeline, her mother cannot wait to push Madeline into the arms of her intended.

Her betrothed; the Earl of Marbourne is a good man – true the only reason he did want to wed her is to get some heirs, but he is a kind and generous man who I think does have a real fondness for his young wife. But their married life doesn’t go smoothly, firstly there is resentment for their union from the Earl’s current heir and then with the earl being close to the King, Madeline soon finds herself under the hawk like gaze and attention of the King himself. Soon Madeline finds herself in some tricky situations with the King and with her new husband falling ill and all the while, all she can think of is her true love Nate.

Overruled by Fate is very Tristen and Isolde, two loves who you know are supposed to be together are cruelly torn apart and kept apart by each of their own destiny’s. I love how throughout the story their love for each other is absolute, there is no question of their feeling for each other. Even when they each find themselves heading in different directions in their heart they will only be whole when the other one is near.

Over all this is yet another winner in my eyes, Ms Snow has shown that she can easily handle a multitude of different eras with sharpness and tact. I found that this is a lot lighter in tone, it’s not as dark and gritty as I have come to expect from her, but it’s a thoughtful and complex story that has a lot of miner story lines entwined into the bigger picture that keeps you engrossed.

Very much highly recommended, Ms Snow is proving what a skilful writer she is.

Overruled by Fate is released on 22nd February and can be pre-ordered now at Amazon.

This was an ARC copy via the author in exchange for an honest review.


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