Marianne Roland is a widow who has left behind her past including memories of an intemperate husband and the hardships of the American civil war. Now she enjoys the comforts her wealthy Uncle Killian bestows on all his family. As she watches others fall in love, she decides to find an amusing lover for herself but only for one enchanting night.

Andre Claude Marceau, Duc de Remy and Prince d’Aumale, finds Marianne’s joie de vivre enchanting-and her plan for a temporary affair with him impossible.

He offers her one night in his arms, and to his delight, she craves another. But he needs more from her than a few hours of bliss. So when he shows her how to fill her days with passions that complement those they enjoy together at night, Marianne must choose.

Will she insist on a passing fancy? Or will she abandon the terrors of her past to embrace a brighter future beside a man who offers her a grand love affair with life?


This is book two in the Those Notorious Americans series, I haven’t read the first book in the series, but that didn’t pose an issue while reading this as the story flowed with real depth and emotion which meant I read it as a standalone.

Beautiful widow after marrying too young and being widowed equally as young, Marianne is now watching everyone around her falling in love as much as she has vowed never to go down the marriage path again, after what happened during her previous one. But, yet she is bored she wants that interaction with a man just once more before she must serve as a chaperone to her younger cousin. She doesn’t want anything serious, just a bit of fun she is living off the generosity of her wealthy uncle Killian who has his own plan for the restless widow, but she has no interest in what her uncle wants of her. On an outing in Paris she meets the enigmatic and beautiful Andre Marceau; Duc de Remy who instantly catches her artist’s eye.

It’s not long into their acquaintance that she brazenly propositions Remy to one night of passion with no strings. Remy is transfixed with Marianne the moment her saw her at the cancan show, she ignited his artist and sexual desires far more than the barely clothed dancers on the stage did. Obviously, he is more than willing to go along with her but that is where he differs from her. Remy want’s something more then just a one night tryst he wants something permeant in his life – he wants Marianne. He soon sets out to prove to her that what have on that one night can last, but as they get to know each other he finds her to be far more than the sensual woman he first thought her to be, she is ever so slightly damaged she isn’t one for trusting the other sex easily.

Remy is a charismatic man, full of Gaelic charm, he isn’t at all what I expected him to be at first glance I you see a charming, womanizing rake who has nothing more to worry about then where the next bed mate is, but that is so far from the truth. He is serious and genuine, he has a great love and likes nothing better than sharing those loves with people he genuinely likes. I really like how he takes pleasure in the simplest of things, such as watching Marianne looking at art. It may sound quiet a normal thing but in those simple moments he oozes sex appeal.

At first when I met Marianne, I wasn’t a huge fan of her she came across as spoilt and a bit snobbish, but I was proven wrong about my first assumption of her as once the story moved along her true character and past story came out. She remained a bit high and mighty for my liking but on learning about what she had been through you can see why she is, how she is, I think Ms DeLand did a very clever bit of writing where Marianne is concerned, to change your opinion of this lady as you go through the story was very expertly done.

I like all the different aspects of this, from the scandalous cancan dancing what Marianne wants to have a go at, to them both sharing a love of art. Both Remy and Marianne use art as a bit of an escape from regular life, Marianne to blank out her past and to try and temporarily block out her current situation and Remy uses his art as an escape from his aristocratic charmed life and to feel more normal. They are two people who have a different thing’s going on in their private lives who for a moment just want to escape.

I found Ms DeLand’s writing to be fresh and at times intense, she builds up the romance between her lead couples that keeps the reader hooked and interested from the onset. I thoroughly enjoyed getting know Remy and Marianne, not just as a couple but as individuals as well, they are such interesting people.

This is the first book I have read by Ms DeLand, so I came into this series with all fresh eyes and I thoroughly enjoyed it and her writing and I will defiantly be reading more from this author, the Daring Widow is rich in both detail and romance and it is one that I defiantly recommend.

Daring Widow is out now and can be purchased at Amazon.

This was a complimentary copy via the author in exchange for an honest review.


2 thoughts on “Review – Daring Widow (Those Notorious American’s #2) by Cerise DeLand

  1. Dear Frankie, Thank you for reading this. I am so delighted that you enjoyed it. Even more, I am thrilled at your moving detail of why you enjoyed it. As a reviewer, you are what every author hopes for—a reviewer who delights in the novel and takes good care to tell her readers why. Thank you.

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    1. Hi Cerise, Thank you so much for those lovely, kind words. I just write what I think and feel of the book! I am so pleased that you liked my review as much as I thoroughly enjoyed reading Daring Widow, it was an absolute pleasure reading and reviewing it for you. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to do so!


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