Twelve days of Christmas, two Regency love affairs, one scandalous house party!
A Governess for Christmas by Marguerite Kaye
At the glittering Brockmore house party, former army major Drummond MacIntosh meets governess in disgrace Joanna Forsythe, who’s desperate to clear her name. Both are eager to put their pasts behind them, but their scandalous affair will make for a very different future…
Dancing with the Dukes Heir by Bronwyn Scott
Heir to a dukedom, Vale Penrith does not want a wife – and certainly not one like Lady Viola Hawthorne. So why does London’s ‘Shocking Beauty’ tempt him beyond reason? Does he dare try and tame her?
Or is a Christmas seduction the best way to bring her to Surrender…?


This is a charming, feel good season treat that I did hugely enjoy, in each of the stories you can get a real sense of each of the individual authors writing style. I have read and hugely enjoyed Ms Scott’s work and I was really looking forward to reading her collaboration with Ms Kaye, whom I haven’t had the privilege of reading before now, but judging by this I will be reading more from her.
Each story is strong, and rich in Christmas cheer, the characters are well-defined – even those that I didn’t like were strong, the two stories separately are warming and charming and once put together and you see the different characters moving from one story to the next it really comes alive. I do really like that concept, of two completely different stories that are linked by the characters that move about so seamlessly through the two stories, it really is as though you are at the Brockmore house party and you are seeing all these shenanigan’s going on. I really like how seamlessly the characters jump from on story to the next, the two stories complement one and other.
I do have to say for me the thing I didn’t like was a particular heiress, who I found extremely irritating and personally I’m not sure what such good man like Vale Penrith sees in her, she is a petulant and spoiled little miss who is childish and from the moment we met her; showing of as usual, I’m afraid I did take an instant dislike to her. I do think that Viola did let this book down ever so slightly, and she really didn’t deserve a quiet, intellectual man like Vale Penrith fawning over her. It’s a charming and feel good book with two highly likable and entertaining stories.
Very much recommended!
This was a complimentary ARC copy via the authors in exchange for an honest review.
Scandal at the Christmas Ball can be purchased at Amazon.

6 thoughts on “Review – Scandal at the Christmas Ball by Marguerite Kaye &Bronwyn Scott

  1. I very much agree with your estimation of Viola. My sympathies were never truly engaged. As to the first story, I adored Drummond Macintosh. His back story had me in tears when I read it.

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  2. Perhaps it is because I am a military brat and a military wife that I connect with the spirit of troubled soldiers. I adored Drummond, and he was not only a tragic figure, but an amusing one during the “Scottish” scenes on New Year’s. Well-developed character…


    1. I absolutely agree other you, Regina. I have always been drawn to military characters too and I enjoyed watching him transform right in front of the eyes from the beginning of the story to the man at the end.


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