4 comments on “Review – The Earl Claims His Comfort by Regina Jeffers

  1. Wow! Just Wow! I am so pleased you enjoyed the book. When I was writing “Angel Comes to the Devil’s Keep,” it hurt me to place Remmington aside for Huntington’s interest. I wanted this story to show all the layers of Rem’s personality and some of the backstory I created for him. It was also important to add just enough information to provide depth to his personality, but not disclose it all, for Rem’s life plays a large part in what happens to Sir Alexander in the third book of the trilogy: Lady Chandler’s Sister, which will be out soon.

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    • I’m so pleased you liked the review, and after our comments regarding Sir Alexander and his story I can’t wait to read the third book. Especially as seeing where this book left and with Alexander in the state he was in, I’m very glad to hear that Rem will feature in the next one too as I feel there is so much more to his and Comforts story that needs to be told so I am very much looking forward to Lady Chandlers Sister. Thank you.


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