Ava, the sorceress is pulled from the beyond to a destiny wherein a young woman is brutally killed earlier than her eyes. Forewarned towards interfering within the destiny, she nevertheless resolves to shop the killer of the lady. what will be the results of this act of mercy?
Ava’s movements fail to abort an incredible war between supernaturals and human beings and he or she realizes that compassion has its personal results. Supernaturals are banished to every other realm but peace is never everlasting. Threat usually lurks across the nook however love can by no means be denied. A fatal and forbidden love will result in events spiraling out of manage.

Ava is stuck in a web of deceit and worry.

The Legend of Ava is a brief myth fiction story, based on paranormal romance adventure and time tour, examine this enticing and interesting tale of a well that means and merciful sorceress caught in a tangle of the beyond, present, and destiny. whilst her exceptional buddy disappears her existence unravels before her eyes.

I don’t usually go for fantasy reads, but I was intrigued by this, so I thought to give it a go, and I am in two frames of minds about it. It is an interesting and very fresh concept and one that I haven’t really come across in romance before, but there were times when I was confused as to what was going on. As intriguing as the storyline is I found with this being a short story there is too much going on, if this was a full-length book or long novella the constant action and busy-ness of the plot would all level out, but I thought I was a little packed with too much supernatural for my liking.

The story opens to a young girl running for her life through some woods, she is chased by something. Young guardian Ava is a sorceress who being a guardian is one of the high ranking super naturals who are there to watch over the humans and try and keep peace between the super natural world and the human one, Ava who can travel through time is watching over this young girl but being only there to observe she knows that she can’t interfere in anyway or the past, present and future will change. But seeing this young girl being brutally murdered by an unknown creature she cannot stop herself to try and help in some way. Unfortunately, due to her interference there are consequences that can not be undone by magic or time travel and their world of super naturals and humans is torn apart laving nothing but hatred and despair on both sides.

Can their worlds be joined together again and regain the peace that they all once knew, or has too many things changed?

I think this would be perfect for those readers that like something different and who enjoy lots of mind twisting stories that keep you guessing, its is fun and for me the best part of the story is the beginning that first chapter captures your imagination but for me it went a bit too far into super natural and magic. This is very much recommended for readers of Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter but for historical romance readers like myself it didn’t quite have enough of the romantic aspect in it to keep me hooked.

An unusual take on the romance genre!

This was a complimentary copy via the author in return for an honest review.

Origin’s: The Legend of Ava can be purchased from Amazon.

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