17 comments on “A Chat With…Author Interview With Regina Jeffers

  1. Reblogged this on bookworm2bookworm's Blog and commented:
    This was such a great interview that I felt compelled not to just reblog, but to buy “His Irish Eve’ for my Kindle AND get “The Phantom of Pemberley” in Audio.
    What can I say? I am a sucker for heroes like Adam!
    I hope you enjoy the interview as much as I did.


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  2. Just had to stop by and thank you for this interview. I was glad to have stopped by because now I have a new to me author 🙂

    In thinking that there are many out there that have not discovered Ms. Regina Jeffers, I was happy to reblog this interview and already downloaded one book in Audio and another on my Kindle 🙂



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    • Oh, Thank you so much Melanie!
      I am so glad that you liked the interview, Regina is such a lovely lady and a immensely talented author.
      I am sure that you will love both books you have downloaded!
      Thank you again and enjoy your books.

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    • Melanie, thanks for reblogging this interview. I do appreciate such kindnesses. I have been around since 2009. Next month, I will release book #32. All by books (with excerpts, etc.) can be found on my website http:www.rjeffers.com.

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  3. Thank you so much for the interview, ladies. Regina, you know that I am a big fan of the fascinating items you post on your blog and it is lovely to discover more about you in this interview.

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  4. Frankie, I loved this interview so much! It gave a lot of insight to the person behind the writing. Regina Jeffers’ answers were well thought out as her blog posts are. She is a writer I have not turned much attention to. Indeed, it is with much satisfaction, I’ll be reading two of her books in the next couple of months. Thank you Regina.

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    • Thank you so Eileen, I couldn’t agree more. I think Regina’s may be one of the most thorough and interesting interview I have done. And I’m sure she will be so pleased to hear that you will be reading her books. Thank you!

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    • I am so pleased you enjoyed the interview, Eileen. Frankie has opened several new doors for me, and I am so appreciative. Some day I hope to meet her in person, as I would enjoy sharing book time and a wonderful gab session with you.


      • The feeling is entirely mutual, Regina and that would be so incredible. You never know what the future holds, I hope that one day it will happen.


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