Eight gentlemen known far and wide as The Sinners. Also agents for the Crown, they are each tasked with discovering which of eight ladies in Society has been acting as a spy for Napoleon. By fair means or foul.

Dante St Just, the Duke of Huntley, is less than pleased when he is asked to investigate the beautiful widow, Lady Isabella Aston. The two knew each other seven years ago, and parted badly. But neither can Dante bear the thought of passing Bella’s name on to one of his friends. If anyone is to seduce Bella into revealing whether or not she is a spy, then it will be him or no one.

Bella is surprised, and then suspicious, when Dante St Just calls unexpectedly at her home. She becomes alarmed when, that very evening, he carries her off in his carriage.

Alone with Dante, with not even a servant to act as chaperone, how is Bella to resist the helpless attraction she has always felt toward him?

Dante’s intention was to quickly confirm or disprove Bella’s innocence, after which he would either return her to London and the spymaster wishing to speak with her, or he would continue to keep her as his prisoner and the two of them would spend time together becoming reacquainted. Intimately.

But he had not fully taken into account his wild and uncontrollable response to Bella’s sensual beauty, or how it would affect his judgement where she is concerned.

My View

This is the first book I have read by this author after I had her recommend to me by fellow book reviewer Shell from Boonies123 and I really enjoyed it. It’s saucier than I usually read but not smutty and I did really like it.

The Sinners are a group of eight devilishly handsome men who, to all of society are unrepentant Sinners out to have fun and seek their own pleasures in what ever way they can. Seduce as many women as possible, drink, gamble you name and these men do it. But in actual fact they are secret agents to the crown, who have been given the mission to identify a traitor within the aristocratic ranks who is spying for and passing secrets to Napoleon.

Dante St Just, Duke of Huntley has been given the task of investigating beautiful widow Lady Isabella Aston, whose name was on the list of those eight woman who are thought to be the traitor.

Being a good agent and one to never shirk his duty he does what his superiors tell him to do and find the truth about Bella. But there is just one flaw in the plan and that is that ever since he was a young man he had always held a torch for her, she infuriates him and antagonizes him but yet he is drawn to her like a moth to a flame. He can’t get enough of her, especially once he sees her again after all these years.

She is no longer the timid seventeen year old she used to be, she is now a sharp-tongued, highly opinionated and troublesome widow, and he doesn’t trust her and inch. So Dante does the only thing he can do to find out if she is a traitor. He kidnaps her and sets off to his isolated hunting lodge where he soon realises his feeling for her are stronger than he thought.

But is she a traitor?

The first touch of her lips beneath his and Dante knew he was the one in danger of allowing his emotions to get the better of him.

Dante has basically lived his life being hated for who he is, after his parents died when he was a child he was sent to live with his uncle, aunt and cousin, it was OK except the fact that his aunt hated him from the start she and she made her feeling’s towards him very clear. He was sent off to school at a young age so that he couldn’t associate too much with his cousin, but the separation just made them closer.

But it was at school where he really found his own and met a group of boys who, like him had been through their own traumas so they banded together to form the sinners.

Dante as much as I do like him – and don’t get me wrong he is a cunning, suave and enigmatic man, who can charm the birds from the tree’s. But I can’t get on with his domineering personality he, is manipulative, dangerous and not one to take no for an answer and that doesn’t sit well with me the way he treat’s Bella, he can be harsh and brutal but on the other hand he can be a deeply emotional and loving man, when he lets himself.

“Left alone here, you might persuade Mr. Rogers into helping you return to London.”
“As is my right.” The deepening of the blush in her cheeks confirmed she had intended doing exactly that. In all likelihood once Dante was asleep and snoring.
“You have no rights when you are with me, Bella,” he stated firmly.
“Of course I have rights,” she snapped. “I am a free woman—”
“You are my captive,”

Bella is half French and half Spanish when she was a child her father died and her mother married an Englishman, her step father and mother sadly passed away she sent to live with her step aunt the Duchess of Huntley. The Duchess hated her and made Bella’s hell while she was the Duchesses ward.

She had fallen in love with the young Dante, she thought that if she tells him how she really feels about him, he would save her from her hell. But he cruelly put her in her place which forced her hand and for her to take drastic action, to get away from the St Just’s she married a friend.
Her husband died a year later during the Napoleonic Wars and all of a sudden Dante is back in her life, her old feelings for him start to rise their ugly head, but she can’t forget how he treated her and neither can she resist him and it’s probably that reason why she doesn’t scream kidnap at every opportunity.

I really like Bella she is free-spirited, fiery and she has the sharpest tongue, she doesn’t hold back with her set downs. She is in limbo with her motions she knows that she can’t trust anything he says to her. The way he has treated her is despicable, but yet her heart won’t listen to her intelligent brain and once again she has fallen under his spell.

I love the chemistry between then and I personally think they are at their finest when they are at loggerhead’s, the bickering and snipping at each other is highly amusing. Dante cannot stand the fact that with him being a Duke he is being spoken to in a way by her, and she just can’t stand him – His is manipulative, arrogant and demanding and they do make a terrific couple.

Dante’s mouth tilted into a mocking smile. “I believe being upon one’s deathbed tends to give one pause to reflect upon, and regret, one’s past actions.”
“Indeed?” Bella eyed him scornfully. “Then let us hope, for your sake, that your own death does not come too swiftly; otherwise, I fear there would not be time enough for you to regret all of yours.”
Oh yes, Bella was decidedly so much more than she had been seven years ago.

The only thing that I don’t like about it his Dante’s manipulative and controlling way he has about him when it comes to sex his actions for me are a too harsh, he does push her to the limit but apart from that this is highly enjoyable and this series is one that I am looking forward to following.

I am especially looking forward to Devil’s story, he caught my attention in this and he intrigued me.

I do very much recommend this it is an extremely hot, and may not be for those that prefer a sedate Historical Romance but it is a very entertaining Regency Romance.

Wicked Surrender book 2 in “The Regency Sinners” is out now and can be found at Amazon.

This was a complimentary copy from the author in exchange for an honest Review.

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