Seduced by her bodyguard!

Aristocrat’s daughter May Worth is beautiful, headstrong…and in trouble. There’s only one man who can protect her: Liam Casek, her brother’s best friend, a government agent and the man whose sinfully seductive touch she’s never forgotten.

Rakish Liam always knew May’s wild beauty would be the death of him, but if he’s to protect her with his life, he’s damned if he’ll deny their still-sizzling chemistry! May is everything Liam wants–if only he dares claim this defiant miss for his own.

Brief Preview

Liam and his friend and brother agent; Preston are ambushed on the road by brutal men who will do anything in their power to retrieve what Preston has stolen from them; Letters that prove their leader; Cabot Roan is a traitor. Liam and Preston managed to escape only for Preston, in his severely wounded state to admit that on stealing these documents he sent them to his sister, May and now she needs protection. This means that as Preston is wounded it’s up to Liam to go to Scotland and protect his best friend’s sister from the sinister Roan. The very woman who just happens to be the last person on earth Liam would like to get tangled with, but he is a dutiful man and he has made a promise.

May is hiding away in Scotland with her pregnant friend; Beatrice, but she is also harbouring her own personal secret and the reason why she would rather stay in the Highlands. First off May and Beatrice are scared in case Beatrice’s family should find them and come to take the baby away, May will do anything in her power to protect both her friend and the baby. Which does include carrying a gun wherever she goes. May is also hiding out away from her pushy parents who insist it’s time for her to marry, but that is the last thing May wants. She gave her heart to a man years before only to have it broken and she has never healed from that, so she would rather stay as far away from men as possible.

All is working out OK until on returning home from the market one day she finds one Liam Casek; the very rogue who broke her heart, sitting in her living room and bringing her news that turns her life upside down.

My View

Oh, my word! What an opening scene, it’s like something out of an episode of Sharpe. Our handsome agents are bloodied and fleeing from some really nasty pieces of work who are out for blood, and from that point onwards to the very last page it is exciting. Scott grabs you from the first paragraph and keeps you interested from that point right up until the last word.

I have always liked more real characters, characters who have made a life for themselves, characters who aren’t afraid of hard work and Liam is well and truly a self-made man. Born in the gutter he grew up in the worst parts of London, learning his sneaky ways as a pickpocket and afterwards taking on any and every job he could just to survive. He eventually pulled himself out of that hell hole life and joined the army where he was a field surgeon, going on to become the cunning, charming and seductive man he is now. And what a delicious man he is.

Liam is your typical charming Irishman, full of self-confidence and cheekiness. He is extremely protective; especially where May is concerned, Liam is your typical military man; honourable, duty-bound and intelligent. He knows his way around field surgery as well as child-birth, a very useful man to have on hand. He really is an extraordinary human being.

But yet he is a flawed man too, he and May parted on very icy terms they did break each other’s hearts and as much as he likes to act the tough, Military man that he is, he is scarred from what happened between them. He has always held a candle for her, evening his darkest days it was the thought of her that hot him through, but yet actually seeing her after years sends him into a spin. He is hooked on her, even though she does greet him with a gun pointed at him, he loves that about her.

Blue Irish eyes that sparkled in the face of danger— she didn’t know many men who would take a pistol aimed at them sitting down— untrimmed hair falling over his shoulders in a tangle of dark waves that rebelled against any attempt at the convention, a body that dwarfed anything in a room. Tall and lean, Liam Casek had always known how to take up space....’

Because of Liam’s low birth and even lower childhood, especially with how he grew up, Liam clearly believes that he isn’t good enough for May when in reality he is the cream of the crop. Give me a hardworking, down-to-earth and intelligent man any day. He is worth a hundred of the snobs who would disrespect him, he really is the salt of the earth.

May is really my kind of heroine, she is the epitome of an independent woman and her tenacity and vigour are very endearing. She has a great spirit and a very pure and loving heart. Yes, it might have hardened over the years, thanks to a certain blue-eyed Irishman, but when it comes to her friends no other woman can openly love like she does.

I can absolutely relate to May, her vibrant personality and character, even her flaws actually remind me of myself. I can see so much of my own character in May which is something that I have never really experienced with characters before. Like all readers, you can relate to certain characters, but I see myself in May and this is what makes her a seriously intriguing character to me.

She is so stubborn, very outspoken and brutally honest. She has to have things done her own way and if it’s not then, obviously it’s wrong. She is definitely a feminist, after all, who needs a man to open a door for you when you can do it yourself? She is so self-reliant. I particularly love how she pushes her independence into Liam’s face at every chance, even when doing the household tasks like; laundry, cooking and cleaning, she wants him to know that his hurtful words all those years ago didn’t affect her. She isn’t a spoilt, wilting Wallflower, she’s a strong, brave woman.

After five years apart the moment Liam and May step into the same room as one another the tension just bubbles over and you could literally cut the atmosphere with a knife. The sexual tension and mutual attraction are there for all to see, but yet out two are so stubborn they blatantly refuse to accept what is staring them in the face. They are a match made in heaven.

The brave and courageous military man/agent of the crown combined with the tenacious, sharp-tongued lord’s daughter, is a feast for the eyes. Their love story is entwined with a darker and thrilling tale.

Have t say that the baddie; Roan is a fascinating man, he may be a traitor and one hell of an evil man but he has a certain arrogant charm that hooks you. The showdown between Liam and Roan is an edge-of-your-seat, blink and you’ll miss it scene. Lots of anger and aggression, with our hero going to hell and back to protect those he loves to defeat Roan. It is like an action movie at the end, with lots of temperamental men fighting for their lives, which builds up to an exhilarating and shocking climax.

I loved book two – Awaking the Shy Miss, featuring; Evie and the delectable Dimitri; Prince of Kuban, but this just shines, it is superb and personally it is what I want from a Historical Romance. Strong resilient heroes, military men. Quirky and headstrong heroines. A plot that twists and turns and flows seamlessly from one stage to the next and the dynamics between the characters are thrilling and engaging.

This series is going from strength to strength, and I can’t wait to read the next instalment I cannot recommend it enough.


Claiming His Defiant Miss is book three in the “Wallflowers to Wives” Series and is out now and can be purchased at Amazon.

This was a complimentary copy via the author in exchange for an honest review.


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