Tom Maddox would never marry. He’s the second son, the spare, and he prides himself on living his life without the confines of society.

Baroness Segrave needs a husband for society’s sake but she’d prefer he have no opinion at all. Which is why the Earl of Loudoun seems the ideal choice. With no fortune and a drinking habit, he should allow her to keep running her estate while living off the allowance she’d give him. But Loudoun proves to be both drunk and foolish. Suddenly a husband who is strong, capable, and appreciative of her gifts gains merit in her eyes. A man like Tom Maddox.

But how can she convince Tom that he should consider marriage and give up his carefree bachelorhood? Because no matter what anyone else believes, she’d rather the love of a gentleman than a lord.

Brief Preview

It starts with Tom being preached at by his father to finally settle down and take up some responsibility, but Tom can’t think of anything worse that entering society and playing the gentleman he is so much happier when he is out on the seas, being the a bachelor and able to do, go and say what he wants. He can’t abide society rules and those selfish peacocks that waltz their way through life so when his brother asks him to accompany a title hunting young baroness, her dowager mother and one of tons most foolish and erratic fops, he knows he has landed in hell.

That is until he sets eyes on the young and beautiful Baroness, she isn’t what he expected her to be, she isn’t a snob or selfish and he soon learns she’s no title hunter but a woman desperately in need. She is also too far above his station, a baroness in her own right wouldn’t want a second son, a common sailor.

Flora needs a husband she is in the rare position that she inherited in place of a male heir, but now it’s just her and her mother she knows that to keep society happy she must marry. She isn’t too keen on the idea of passing all of what she has over to a husband as is what would happen in the eyes of the law, she has an estate that she wants to manage herself and she knows that a husband could take that away from her. So she picks the Earl of Loudoun, he is flighty and not interested in actual work like managing an estate but he also has a title which is what her mother would want for her.

But Loudoun turns out to be a drunken, possessive man with too much of a chip on his shoulder, how on earth can she entrust her life to this foolish man? She soon realises that what she wants isn’t convenience of a husband she wants love, she wants a pair of strong capable arms to look after her and someone who knows her and understands her yearning for freedom and independence.

The moment she steps foot aboard The White Lady and meets the gruff, rude and devilishly attractive sailor, Tom Maddox she knows she just might have found the very man she has been dreaming about.

But will her charm work on the gruff sailor and entice him back to land?

My View

Taming a Savage Gentleman is book five in the Taming the Heart series, because this series is very character driven you could read it as a standalone, Andreson always does a brilliant job at filling out the back ground of the characters and their individual storylines so this series is so easy to drop into at any time.

I have always liked Andreson’s work, she writes loving and tender Historical Romance about characters that are complex and in need of love, characters that you fall for from the page and you root them on all way through the book and Taming a Savage Gentleman is no different.

He leaned closer sending excited shivers down her spine.

“I jest. Your hair is the most beautiful shade of honey blonde I’ve ever seen while your eyes are the color of the sea after a storm. And they hold just as much spirit.”

“Oh,”she sighed. It was the most beautiful compliment any man had ever given her. It made Loudoun’s practiced attempt seem shallow and pathetic.

Tom is a hardworking, loyal and brutally honest man who is never happier then when he is on deck of a ship steering it through a storm, being a younger son he knows that he is the spare, but he prefers that freedom, he loves his family completely but Tom is a bachelor through and through, he likes being alone with no interruptions and no responsibilities, except those aboard this ship.

Tom thinks that Flora is going to be like all the other spoiled, silly and self-absorbed ladies of the Ton, and it doesn’t help matters when they first meet and the first thing he hears her say is “what is that smell?” and “can you do anything about it?” Tom was instantly put off until he realised that she was suffering with seasickness. For a man who swore never to become attached, Tom does a great job at falling for Flora within hours.

I do like Tom, he is rough around the edges, foul-mouthed – but then again he is a sailor – gruff and monosyllabic but yet unlike a lot of Historical Romance Heroes he isn’t complicated or tormented about anything. He knows what he is and where his life is going and you get a distinct impression that he is very happy with that. He likes his simple sailors life. Andreson has done a great job at creating this happy-go-lucky that deep down there is a man who does want love. And I think he may be the only sailor I have come across who doesn’t drink, he’s a tea drinker which is very amusing.

“What will you drink then?” she asked, trying again.

“Tea, of course.” He raised his eyebrows to meet hers, daring her to find fault in that.
“How very civilized. What a gentleman.” She rolled her eyes.

A laugh rumbled low and deep in his chest and, unable to resist, he leaned over and whispered, “I’m not at all gentlemanly. Would you like to find out how savage I can be?”

Flora, now she is a complex little thing! She is a rare woman of the age for she has inherited the title instead of it going to an unknown male relative, she holds the Baroness title and all estate attached to it. I actually really like that Andresson has given power to a woman instead of doing what was so common in the day and find a male to give the title too.

Flora is a sparky, argumentative and loving young woman, all she wants is security for both her and her mother, plus she wants to carry on holding and managing her estate. Which is why she hasn’tmarried yet, she doesn’t want her ancestral home being passed over to a husband. But she knows she hasn’t got a choice she must marry, so she picks someone whom she thinks will be ideal. He isn’tinterested in managing any estate and what’s more he has a title which will give her and her mother even more security. All is going to plan until she meets Tom Maddox.

She is drawn to Tom instantly, and it’s not surprising really, he has got a confident, masculinity that can can’t be ignored and once they both know that there is a spark between them it doesn’t take long for their budding relationship to get started, in fact Tom is astonishingly fast a getting below her barriers tat she has built to Protect herself.

Now her so-called fiancé lord Loudoun, is a real pig-headed, drunken oaf. He is way too possessive of Flora for my liking but yet you need the Loudouns of the world to add a complexity to the story otherwise knowing Tom and Flora they would be off like a shot

Loudoun isn’t so much an evil man his is merely egotistical and a bit of a gold-digger, and he certainly adds some interesting moments.

All in all I did really enjoy it, being a novella it was fast and straight into the story and I actually really like that. It is witty, full of strong emotions from our couple and very sexy right from the start. All I’m going to say is Tom doesn’t wait around…😉

The Taming the Heart series is definitely a read, any Historical Romance fan will love it, and if you love gruff sailors, with a penchant for tea then you will adore Tom Maddox.

This a complimentary ARC copy via the author in exchange for an honest review.

Taming the Savage Gentleman is released on 16th May and can be purchased at Amazon.


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