8 comments on “Book Tag Challenge!

  1. Frankie, I enjoyed reading your answers. This was a fun tag, wasn’t it?

    I bought Fifty Shades of Grey because of the hype but never even opened it and gave the book to charity.

    I definitely think rescuing those books from a skip counts!

    I bet your dad was thrilled with his birthday present. My hubby always wants books for his birthday and Christmas…always railway books.

    I’m really touched by your kind words, Frankie. ❤

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    • It was really fun to do, Thank you for inviting me to participate!

      I did the same thing with my copy of Fifty Shades of Grey, I had heard about “how great” it was but I just thought “What??”.

      My dad was really chuffed about the box set, he loves Mario Puzo. We are actually a lot you and your husband, we always give books as presents. I’m the easiest person in the world to buy for, Hahaha!

      You are you welcome, you have quoted me towards some amazing reads and I genuinely appreciate your opinions, Thank you!🌹❤🌹

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  2. Great post! Loved your answers 🙂
    I saw the PS I Love You w/Gerard B and cried like a baby, and Notebook too!
    I’m off to check out some of the books you’ve mentioned 🙂

    HUGS from Chicago!



    • Thank you Melanie! And, Hello Chicago 🙋

      Same here, PS I Love You and The Notebook are such emotional films, but they are great. Yes, if you do get to read some of the books I mentioned they do, especially His Wicked Kiss!!

      Thank you visiting today ❤


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