Thanks to his troublesome ancestors, nobody trusted a Warriner. Which meant Jack was saddled with a crumbling estate and on the verge of bankruptcy, forced to work the land himself with the help of his three younger brothers. The very last thing he needed was the added burden of having to hide and protect the terrified woman he found bound and gagged in the woods.

Letty Dunston is the feted, beautiful and incredibly wealthy ‘Tea Heiress’ who doesn’t particularly care for Jack Warriner’s dictatorial manner or his belief that she is nothing more than a delicate, pampered princess. Most men of her acquaintance jostled for her attention. But Jack isn’t anything like most men, which was just as well as Letty is nothing like most delicate, pampered princesses either…  

Brief Preview

Heiress Letty is drugged, bound and kidnapped, stuffed into a carriage with the evil earl her uncle has sold her to and heading north to Gretna Green. She escapes their clutches. And is blindly rushing through the wilderness, when; just as her energy is about spent she is found by a huge, devilishly handsome man who promises to protect her…

Jack; head of the Wicked and untrustworthy Warriner clan can’t believe his eyes when a bound and gagged woman comes rushing out of the bushes at him, he foes the only thing he can do, the only thing his gentlemanly honour will allow him to do. He picks her up and takes her home, like a sparrow with a broken wing. But she is so much more than just a sparrow she is an exotic and enticing bird of paradise.

But this bird of paradise had a secret, she has just brought so much-unwanted attention and trouble to his front door…In more ways than one! And as Letty integrates herself into his and his brother’s lives he knows he is done for. will her kidnappers get her back or will the fiercely protective and dangerously handsome jack keep his order to keep her safe?

My view

First off, wow! What an opening scene, from that first page onwards I was hooked. From that first scene, you get a real feel of the entire book. This is entertaining, highly sensual, funny and exhilarating.

Letty is a millionaire tea heiress who once she turns twenty-one can finally have full control of her inheritance and control of her life, with no family left except her nasty self-centred uncle she is counting down the days until she is free. But her uncle had other plans, he wants her money and the only way he can get his hands on it is to marry her off to an acquaintance and then between them split the money. They kidnap her and head north, but on the route, cunning Letty manages to escape their clutches and gets herself rescued by a knight in shining armour, on his valiant steed. What girl doesn’t want that?

Jack Warriner has enough on his plate already without taking in wraiths and strays from the roadside, especially when said wraiths are going to be trouble but being a gentleman, he can’t see a young woman out in the cold and in need, without stepping in. Jack soon discovers that there is more to Letty than meets the eye, and even though he is highly suspicious of her and doesn’t approve of her he can’t stop himself from having lusty and very inappropriate thoughts about her at every opportunity.

Jack is a classic HR hero; masculinity personified. Tempting and tantalising, Proud and immensely stubborn. But the real thing that I like about Jack is that he is very real, he is hard-working, reliable and the most decent man there is. He is trying to repair his tarnished family name, trying to rebuild his broken manor and trying to do his best for his brothers and then along comes beautiful Letty to add to his never-ending list of problems. Bless him! Poor Jack has the weight of the world on those broad shoulders. At first sight, he sees her as a beautiful, defenceless spoilt brat who doesn’t know the meaning of hard work, a selfish irritating do-gooder; who not only has brought a heap of trouble on his head, but she is insulting him and his home. Even after he takes her in to keep her safe. But he soon realises that this heiress may not be all that he thought her to be, as she begins putting his run-down manor back to rights. He sees her kindness and her strength and he is hugely susceptible to those dazzling green eyes. Even though he still, at times thinks of her as a pain in the arse.

My word! the brothers are just delicious! Surly and proud Jack. Gruff, a wounded war hero; Jamie (who I have to say, I adore) sturdy and intelligent; Doctor Joe and rakishly charming; Jacob. These four are a group not to be trifled with, and whatever your preference there is a brother for everyone. Like me, I can guarantee that you will fall in love with at least one. The relationship between them is so beautifully written, they just gel together. They are super loyal and protective of one another. It is a joy getting to know them as brothers and as individuals, getting to know each brother’s characteristics.

But we cannot forget Letty she isn’t your run-of-the-mill heiress. When we first meet dear Letty she is a s scared, lonely and exceedingly sad young woman who yearns for what the Warriners have, loyalty and friendship. She hasn’t a real friend who even bothers about her disappearance. She may at times come across as a spoilt pampered little girl but in actuality, she is an astonishingly smart, hard-working and brave young woman who knows exactly what she wants and tries her damnedest to get it. Letty wants people to see past the fact that she is a multi-millionaire heiress and social butterfly. She knows that most people in society only see what they want to see, so she acts as the manipulative heiress. The minute she meets Jack, she knows he is different. It should have been the worst moment of her life being kidnapped but she definitely got the lucky roll of the dice when Jack rescued her. My, how this girl has landed on her feet! Yes! she may be one of the wealthiest women in England but really what did all that money bring her? Just a lot of grief, but yet the lovely Jack is priceless.

Now I do really like Heath, I have been a very fond and open supporter of her work from day one, and I said from the beginning that she would go very far in Historical Romance and I can say with a hand on my heart that this is flawless. This is by far the best of her work yet, and if A Warriner To Protect Her is just the start of this wonderful new series then we are in for a stonking good romp.

Her writing was fabulous from book one, but now you can feel that she is well and truly in her groove, just by the first page alone you can see how Ms Heath has gained confidence in writing this genre, she is stepping out of the comfort zone of a romance writer and into to something exciting and thrilling. If there is one thing that I love, that is a thrilling edge of your seat Historical Romance where the character’s personal lives are entwined with something else, something darker. This oozes sophistication and is a confident and articulated book that lacks nothing. I do think that Heath has outdone herself with this one and I very much looking forward to the next instalment.

This is just fabulous! It is thoroughly enjoyable and I think it is singularly the best book I have read this year. Ms Heath better pulls her socks up because this is going to take some beating, I am fairly certain that she I’ll do it. Especially when we get to Jamie’s story, I was warned I would love him and I am very much looking forward to his outing. He reminds me of Gaelen Foley’s; Damien knight. Anyone who knows me will know how high praise that is.

I cannot say enough good thing’s about it. The story is fast-paced and keeps you gripped from that first page, it keeps you teetering on the edge of your seat as you read wondering where earth this is going to take you next. It really does have all the ingredients for a classic love story with fabulously complicated characters which is all wrapped up with that wonderful Heath wit that we have come to know and love. I can see this being read and loved for years to come. I must warn you though you will never look at a sheep farmer in the same way again.😉

What a fabulous addition to the heath’s growing CV, Roll on book two of the Wild and Wicked Warriners.

This was an ARC version via the author in return for an honest review.

A Warriner To Protect Her is released on 30th April and can be purchased at AMAZON For further information check out Virginia’s WEBSITE.


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