4 comments on “Review : Bound By Their Secret Passion (Summerfield Series 4) by Diane Gaston

  1. I’ve also reviewed this book, for me chapters 1 to 6 went on for far too long. I would have liked to got to know the characters more. For someone who is starting reading historical romances then I would recommend this book as well. But its not for me. Forgot to mention great review.

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    • Thank you, Michelle. I do agree with you, I love Historical Romance and I have been reading it for years but I do hate to say this, but this just didn’t click with me. As I said in my review it was a little too drawn out for my liking, which is a shame because the actual plot caught my attention straight away. Thank you for visiting. 💖


  2. I just read this and also found it fell a bit flat. I had been looking forward to Lorene’s story since reading about her and Dell in the previous book, but I agree, things were overly drawn out.

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