A forbidden attraction… A hidden desire!

Years ago, penniless Lorene Summerfield wed for duty, giving her siblings the chance to marry for love. But now the generous-hearted countess finds herself widowed…and the man she’s loved in silence for years is falsely accused of her husband’s murder!

Although he closed his heart to love long ago, the Earl of Penford has always found Lorene irresistible. Their newly ignited passion may be scandalous, but now he’ll stop at nothing to clear his name and win Lorene’s hand!

My Review 
The opening of this see’s Lenore enjoying a family Christmas, after sneaking out of her home so that her bullying husband couldn’t stop her. She has a cheerful and happy time and then she returns home. The moment she steps through the door her jealous and nasty husband begins his bullying, but it’s not just her that he is raging at, he is venting at the Earl of Penford; who just happens to be the very man the man she secretly loves and the man that she knows she will never have. In his rage, her aged husband, Lord Tinmore slips on the steps of their home and is killed instantly. Only for Dell, Lord Penford to be accused of pushing the elderly Earl, in a jealous rage in the hopes of getting his hands on Lorene.

Being an ex-military Captain, Dell Summerfield has more experience with battle than the average Joe but the battle he is faced with now is much more dangerous than what he is used to, this is not a skirmish this is a legal battle to prove that he didn’t do what the Tinmore staff said he did.

As much as I like a good Historical Romance with a Military hero, I couldn’t seem to get into this, I did find that it was a little drawn out for my liking. This really was a shame because the actual storyline is something that I would pick up and read, but I couldn’t relate to the characters as I usually would do. I am usually drawn to a particular character, one who I want to follow and get to know more about them but for some reason, there wasn’t that usually pull that I tend to get. Whether that is because this is the last book in the series or something else, I do hate to say it; especially when regarding Historical Romance but I’m afraid I didn’t enjoy this as I should do.

The story is very safe and follows a much-used recipe for this genre, not that there is anything wrong with that. This is the first time I have read Gaston’s work so I am not going to judge on this one outing. I do like the overall writing of Gaston’s work though, she is a witty, smart and very charming writer who knows her craft and the fact that I got that impression from my first of her work just goes to show that what a skilful writer she is.

I would recommend this to avid Gaston fans who have already read and enjoyed the Summerfield Series, just because this isn’t for me doesn’t mean that they won’t appeal to others.

This was an ARC version, which I received via Mills and Boon Insiders in exchange for an honest review.

Bound By Their Secret Passion is released on 1st April and you can find on AMAZON for more information then visit Diane’s WEBSITE


4 thoughts on “Review : Bound By Their Secret Passion (Summerfield Series 4) by Diane Gaston

  1. I’ve also reviewed this book, for me chapters 1 to 6 went on for far too long. I would have liked to got to know the characters more. For someone who is starting reading historical romances then I would recommend this book as well. But its not for me. Forgot to mention great review.

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    1. Thank you, Michelle. I do agree with you, I love Historical Romance and I have been reading it for years but I do hate to say this, but this just didn’t click with me. As I said in my review it was a little too drawn out for my liking, which is a shame because the actual plot caught my attention straight away. Thank you for visiting. 💖


  2. I just read this and also found it fell a bit flat. I had been looking forward to Lorene’s story since reading about her and Dell in the previous book, but I agree, things were overly drawn out.

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