4 comments on “Review ~ Duke Of Pleasure (Maiden Lane Book 11) by Elizabeth Hoyt

  1. Lovely review, Frankie.

    I agree that this is another winner. I’m always amazed how Elizabeth Hoyt has managed to maintain such a high standard for this long running series. I was privileged to meet Elizabeth at the HRR last September.

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    • Thank you again, Carol đź’–đź’–
      It is amazing, the fact that we are eleven books into this series – with another due soon – and each is just as fabulous as the previous is astounding. To me it shows just how incredibly skilled Elizabeth Hoyt is and I for one will never tire of Maiden Lane.
      You are incredibly fortunate, Carol. Elizabeth is one of my all time favourite authors and she just comes across in articles as such a lovely lady.

      Thank you again for your lovely words.

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      • I will be sorry to see the Maiden Lane series come to an end (Duke of Desire is the last full-length book, followed by 2 novellas) but look forward to seeing what EH has in store for us next.

        She is just as lovely in person.

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      • Nooo!! It can’t be the end, you have just gone and broke my heart, Carol.
        But on a lighter note, you have made my day as well by confirming that Elizabeth is as lovely as I thought her to be.

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