2 comments on “Advent Calender. . .Door 10

  1. I love that movie and the song and it sounds so poignant being played by a brass band. Although he didn’t grow up there as his family moved to Birmingham when he was only one, my husband was born in the Rhondda valley in South Wales, a major coal mining area. The South Wales mining valleys are famous for their Male Voice Choirs.

    (Should this be day 9 of the Advent Celendar)


    • First off, It is day 10. My laptop died on me just as I was scheduling the post and it posted on the wrong day, I tried to change it on my tablet but it wouldn’t let me change the day, so it was stuck on the wrong day. I hate technology lol!

      I have heard the Welsh male voice choirs, it is a very haunting sound but such a lovely one, I grew up with The Snowman, I absolutely loved it when I was little, and hearing Walking in the air played by a brass band always reminds me off my childhood, So door 10 is very close to my heart and I am so pleased you like it, Thank you Carol.

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