4 comments on “My Advent Calander. . .Door 4

    • Mine too, Carol. Scandalous Desires has always been my absolute favorite and in my opinion by far the best. There is just something irresistible about it and its lead “Charming” Mickey O’Connor.

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      • I know and I think Elizabeth Hoyt did a wonderful job of redeeming him. I also loved how Silence really came into her own in this book and wasn’t afraid to stand up to Mickey.

        My other favourite hero is Winter Makepeace because I love virgin heroes, although Winter was a fast learner!! 😉


      • That he was, a very fast learner.👍 LoL!
        I do absolutely agree with about Mickey and Silence, when we first met Silence she did come across as very nieve and a bit off a timid little girl, but putting her with the ultimate rogue; Charming Mickey really brought her out of herself.
        I was drawn to Mickey from the first moment, he is a real badboy and such an incredible character 😍😘❤

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