bookreviews1Before I started Chicks Rogues and Scandals, I never really understand just how important reviewers are to an author, or that they could have these great relationship’s all based on a common joy. Reading. I had just taken those quotes in the front of a book for granted and I was, I will admit it ignorant to all the hard work that an author goes through to get their work out there.

That’s sound’s pretty shameful doesn’t it? After all the book’s I read and hires-6-158x300I never saw the importance of a reviewer, even once I started blogging and I posted review’s of my own it still didn’t register how important honest reviewers are to an author, I had started Chicks Rogues and Scandals for the sole purpose of putting out my thoughts and opinions and to encourage more people to read. Then came the day when I was approached by my first author, asking if I wanted to exclusively read their work in return for an honest review. I was ecstatic, I couldn’t believe it that this brilliant person wanted me, a novice at all this reviewing lark to review their work. You cannot believe how thrilled I was, it felt like a real achievement and I will say that I was pretty giddy for days.

Well I did the review, I sent it back and I sat there on tenter hook’s wondering what they will think of what I have said about their work? Was I too opinionated? Did I put enough into my review? or was my review too long and drawn out? and then I got a reply and the author couldn’t have been more kind, they were thrilled by what I had written, but it wasn’t until I saw their promotional tweet’s and post’s that they had used a quote from my review.

vintage_scrapbookMy review was quoted and used as promotion for this great book, that was just an incredible moment for me and I will admit that I have started a scrapbook which, contains those promotions with my quotes. Is that odd? If it is I don’t care, I felt really proud of myself in that moment and I still do every time I get a request for another review.

For me it was in that moment, on that first requested review that it finally dawned on me just how important each is to the other. The author thrives on those honest thoughts and opinions from the reviewer, and the reviewer (In my opinion) is just doing what they love, which is reading. If I was an author, which obviously I’m not, I would respect the reviewer if they were totally honest and didn’t just write what they think I would want to hear, and wrote exactly what they thought about my work. So that is what I try to do, I always put exactly what I think in the review, if there is something that I don’t like then I will add it, as polite as I am I always try to do that as respectfully as possible because I just hate being rude about another person’s livelihood.

hugging-smileysSo there we have it, my “I have seen the light” moment, since that first author approached me and asked me to review their work, I have approached by so many wonderful people – it stills makes me giddy that these brilliant people ask me – it is so amazing and I have gained brilliant relationship’s with them all. Now finally I understand that special friendship between author and reviewer, having got first hand experience and I feel very honored that I can say I have it too.

2 thoughts on “The Relationship Between Author and Reviewer, From the Reviewers Point of View

  1. Sounds like an amazing experience and a nice realization. I agree on all points. As an author and a reviewer, I love those relationships because they do happen and most of the time reviewers would want to read my future work and that’s a big compliment.

    I think you keeping a scrapbook about the quotes that authors used of yours is amazing! Meant to hold amazing memories that you can share with family and friends. Authors like going back to past reviews and reread them… especially when the muses are not being nice so in a way each one of us already have a scrapbook ready… whether it be on our sites, Goodreads, Amazon or somewhere else. I hope that you keep building future relationships.

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts.


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    1. Hi Angelina,

      Thank you for those ever so kind word’s, the experiences I have had so far has been incredible and I have learnt so much in the short space of time that I have been reviewing. I absolutely agree with you, this special relationship that I have gained with some of the most incredible people I have met is just amazing, and touch wood that they continue to want me to review their work.

      Thank you again for the lovely comment and for visiting today, it is always a pleasure. X

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