It has been a while but Hottie’s Of The Week is back with a spooky, Halloween Special. Now I am not saying that any of my boy’s are scary they just have a penchant for dressing up so close the curtain’s, lock the door and sit back and be prepared to be scared. . .In a entirely terrifying scorching hot way.

Enjoy and have a terrifying Halloween. . .Mwa haha

Colin O’Donaghue as Captain Hook
Russell Crowe ~ Gladiator
Russel Crowe as Maximillian; The Gladiator
Benedict Cumberbatch as King Richard III
The Musketeers
Santiago Cabrera as Aramis
Clive Owen; King Arthur
Clive Owen as King Arthur
Men in Uniform
Paul McGann as Lieutenant William Bush
Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow

I hope you have all enjoyed my Halloween Hotties, has your Hottie been featured if not let me know I would love to know who your Halloween Hottie is. So Happy Halloween and have a terrifying but safe night.

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