First birthday cupcakeThis time a whole twelve month’s ago, this ordinary Yorkshire lass sat down and brought to life Chicks Rogues and Scandals, it doesn’t seem like two minutes since those first tentative step’s into blogging and even now after a year under my belt I still don’t know what I am doing. LoL!! But the last year has brought so much joy into my everyday life, I have met some incredible people who have supported me as I have taken my first wobbly step’s into the scary world of blogging.

As a bit of a thank you to all those who have been so generous with their support and kind word’s of advice, I thought I might share with you the story of how Chicks Rogues and Scandals came about. It’s not a very exciting story I’m afraid and there is no way it will be made into an oscar winning movie. But it’s mine and I wouldn’t change a thing.
So mid October 2015 I have just celebrated my birthday, not that I’m going to tell you the date because I really, really don’t like birthday’s, to me it’s just another day of the year. It comes and goes and to get away from the fuss and ado that surround’s said day I escaped the confines of the house and birthday stuff and went to the one place where I knew tearing-hair-out-2I wouldn’t have to suffer another round of “Happy Birthday”. My one sanctuary. The library. Yep! it is an odd place for a woman in her mid-twentie’s to escape to, that’s my embarrassing little secret, I do take refuge in libraries (Don’t tell anyone) . I’m telling you the librarian, who is a very good friend know’s me better than anyone. LoL!

As I am aimlessly wondering the around I over heard (OK! I was eavesdropping) a lady talking about this blog that she has come across on Facebook, the lady said that she then shared the post with her teenage daughter in the hope that she would get into reading and apparently said daughter is one of those that spend’s their entire day glued to their phones. True it doesn’t sound like a life altering conversation but for me the seed had been planted and I found it inspiring that this mother was trying to get her daughter into reading more by using a blog. I have to admit that hearing that did intrigue me so I started Googling and I found brilliant, well written and intelligent blog’s, blogs that inspire and entertain and I thought. Yes, I want to do that, the only thing that was really putting me off was, Do I know enough? Do I have anything to say? Will anyone really want to hear me ramble on?

But I thought, as all us Yorkshire folk do; bugger it! I want to do what all those bloggers are doing, I want to inspire just one person to pick up a book and that was it, once I had the idea i started researching. Yes! I did say researching, I read lot’s of book review blog’s, I looked at various blog platform’s and that it when i came across WordPress, which is just amazing, now I had found what i wanted to blog and where I wanted to blog the only real question was. What on earth do I call myself? I wanted it to be catchy and relevant to what Iwanted to share, you wouldn’t believe how many names I came up with but then I finally settled on Chicks Rogues and Scandals. It really is self explanatory.

But the biggest issue I did have is that I didn’t really feel comfortable blogging as myself even though I think everyone knows by now that my name is Frankie, I wanted to be anonymous the whole point of me blogging wasn’t about me, about who I am, about what I look like. it’s about getting more and more people reading and so I chose the Alias Reading Chick, it seemed rather apt.

Then came the nerve-racking first post. I know that my first review weren’t really much to look at but as the lovely comments and feedback and general support came in I have become more confidant and hopefully my reviews have become a little more readable. Obviously because I am a little eclectic and I don’t really go with the grain, I found that for me just posting reviews wasn’t enough I had to get my fingers in as many pies as I could. So to speak, and because I’m not the fastest reader. So we have seen the birth of my little off shoot series’ “A Little History” and “Hotties of the Week” which is just amazing the lovely feedback I have had from them. Especially the Hotties 🙂

goforitI have equally met some amazing authors who have not only been kind enough to participate in my “A Chat With” but incredibly, I have had outstanding authors contacting me to review their work. I am beyond amazed at that. I cannot believe just how well my little blog has been received, the Historical Romance blogging community is just brilliant, this bunch of strangers have been so kind and generous these are the salt of the earth and I feel very, very honored that they all have opened their arm’s so willing I just hope that I can do their open support and friendship justice and hopefully one day I will get my dream of getting just non-reader to pick up a book.

So there it is, the birth of Chicks Rogues and Scandals, thank you to everyone who has read, liked and shared my post’s.

2 thoughts on “A Year In The Life Of A New Blogger

  1. Congratulations on your first year and I hope your blog will continue to inspire and entertain, Frankie. I am one blogger who always looks forward to reading your reviews and interviews but where have the hotties gone?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Carol, so kind of you to say.
      The hotties are still around, I honestly didn’t realise it has been so long since I posted a hotties. I am definitely going to have remedy that. Thank you again.

      Liked by 1 person

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