The Discerning Gentleman’s Guide

Back Blurb :

“Choosing a wife is not a task that should be undertaken lightly.”

Bennett Montague, sixteenth Duke of Aveley, is seeking the perfect bride. He’s narrowed his search to five worthy “Potential”…until the arrival of his aunts companion unravels his carefully laid plan’s.

Having fought for everything she has, Amelia Mansfield is incensed by Bennett’s wife-selection method’s. But as she’s forced to spend time in his company, she begin’s to see another side to Bennett – and that man is infinitely more tantalizing and enticing…

My View :

Book three from Ms Heath is just as sensuous and romantic as the previous were, Bennett and Amelia are just the most adorable couple that we have had for a while, both are equally cynical and disillusioned in their own way and both are so set in their stubborn way’s that it is a miracle that either of them even made a move, but that just build’s up the atmosphere nicely and as we see them both struggle with their own personal demon’s and finally give in it is really, really lovely.

The whole idea of Bennett; the mighty Duke of Aveley writing a Guidebook about how to get the “Ideal/Perfect” wife is just so funny, especially as once we get to know the man beneath the title we realise that he doesn’t want any of those so-called ideal’s. Bennett want’s and deserves so much more than docile arm candy, and once he himself realises that small fact then we finally get to see the man.

” I am sorry about earlier, I am not sure what came over me”. A lie.

“I really didn’t mind, you know. If you should feel the sudden urge to kiss me again, I will not make any attempt to stop you.” He was flirting now, a little awkwardly, which she found utterly charming. her silly heart lurched even though she had intended to harden it.

” Kissing you is dangerous. It makes me forget all reasons.”

A completely male, totally arrogant smirk crept over his face. “That is excellent news.”

At first I wasn’t sure what to think about Bennett, he is exactly what is say’s on the box uptight and stodgy aristocratic politician and I hate to say but at first I didn’t warm to him as I have other character’s, but he soon turned my head as he slowly ditched the stodginess and embraced the man that he became. . .and what a man he is under all that prim and proper aristocrat, he is fiery, emotional and too intelligent and sexy for his own good. I like that even though he is an all-powerful Duke, he show’s real compassion for those not as fortunate as himself and he has a good heart.

Now Amelia, is the best heroine that I have come across for, ages, talk about rag’s to riches fairytale, well Cinderella has nothing on this girl. She know’s what’s it like to be not just on the bread line but miles below it, she is a tough cookie and from what she has had to go through in her short life so far it is not surprising, she went to hell and back and yet she still managers to be so sweet and lovely. but she doe’s have her flaws too she is so untrusting of the aristocracy, especially titled men, but that insecurity makes you warm to her the more, I just love the way she bring’s out the real Bennett, she shows him life from another perspective; something that he has never done in his life and because of her he does come in to his own

There are just so many lovely part’s of this book, my personal favorite is when Amelia takes Bennett to work in a soup kitchen in Seven Diles, she literally dresses a Duke as a peasant and put’s him to work, something that he hasn’t ever done in his life. She shows him what life is like for the poor and in that moment he finally understand’s and strife’s to better himself and help other’s. That is just so beautifully written and portrayed and definitely the making of this interesting man.

He knew about coal mines and came to slums to see thing’s from another point of view, a man who hid in gardens because he felt awkward and knew about the stars. A lethal conundrum of a man who looked like sin and like it too.

When he shared a joke with the old man, than sat next to him to listen to his stories, her heart melted. As if he felt her staring at him, he looked her way. The ghost of a smile touched his lips and those intense silver-blue eyes told her that he finally understood what it was about this place drew her.

Understood and approved.

I loved the previous book Her Enemy at The Alter and once I find myself attached to one book and character I do have this awful habit of comparing the authors best work with all the rest and then obviously if the newest book from said author isn’t up to par then it is a huge disappointment, then I start worrying what the next one will be like. I hate to say it but I have done the exactly same with Virginia Heath I adored her Enemy at the Alter, especially the hero Aaron. But there really wasn’t anything to worry about here because The Discerning Gentleman’s Guide is right up there with book’s that you love and can read and re-read over and over again and never get bored.

When he took her hand gently and pressed a soft kiss into her palm, she melted.

“I know that you have every reason to distrust men with titles and I know that the idea of being controlled by one terrifies you. But you really mustn’t worry. What makes you think I could force my own will on you, my darling when I cannot even get my own butler to stop drinking my Port?”

“he’s right miss,” Lovett said from beside his position by the fireplace. “I drink gallon’s of the stuff. I have done for year’s and I fully intend to continue”.

That just goe’s to show just how talented Ms Heath is as a novelist, she catches your attention from page one with witty and entertaining characters’ and plot and hold’s it to the very last page and that is exactly what she has done here.

The Discerning Gentleman’s Guide, is classically witty, engaging and so sexy exactly what you would want for a historical Romance novel, and it is a pure joy to read, Virginia Heath is fast becoming the go to author for this genre.

The Discerning Gentleman’s Guide is released on 1st November.

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