The Reluctant Viscount

Back Blurb :

The Rake’s Return.

A decade ago, wallflower Alyssa Drake’s heart broke when Adam Alistair was banished from Mowbray. Now, he’s back – wealthy, titled and more cynical than before! And Alyssa’s determined not to fall under this notorious rake’s spell ever again. . .

Reluctant viscount Adam knows only betrayal. But Alyssa proves herself and unexpected ally when he finds his life endangered, and they are forced into sham engagement. Their betrothal may be fake, but there’s no denying the very real passion that explodes between them!

My View :

The opening set’s us up nicely to get to know our two lead’s, with Alyssa waiting for the newly titled Adam in his town house, for a favor after ten year’s of not seeing each other. He is her last hope for whats she think’s is a scandal and a heart-break in the waiting but what she doesn’t expect is that Adam, after being banished from society and having been traveling for the past decade he is a completely different man from the one she knew, from the one she fell in love with when  she was but a teenager.

Then after what is an uncomfortable and extremely unsuccessful trip in Alyssa’s eye’s she goe’s back home redundant and decides to take matter’s into her own hand’s, unbeknown to her that Adam isn’t exactly the cynical, un-feeling rake that she and society thought him to be and decides to help the little Helion in her mission. This is when the fun between the two start’s as they bang head’s at every opportunity.

What I like about The Reluctant Viscount is that Adam’s and Alyssa’s isn’t your regular love story, there is a lot of misunderstanding’s between the two, and yet they both feel very strongly for the other, but both are equally unable to admit to those feeling’s not just to each other but also to themselves. Add the fact that someone is trying to frame Adam for murder and the only way to keep him out of prison is to lie to the authorities saying that Adam was with her and that they are engaged and to keep Adam safe they have to keep up this charade.

On first encountering Adam I wasn’t really sure what to make of him, he comes across as a rakish, soulless, unfeeling cynic that all he want’s out of life is to do exactly what he want’s. But he isn’t at all like that once we get into the story and get to know him, his true personality comes forward and it is a huge surprise just how much of a decent, emotional and likable chap he is, which I do have to say I was surprised but i ended up really liking the man that he became in the end.

Alyssa is just the loveliest heroine that I have met for a while, she is trying to get past her broken heart and get on with her life but unfortunately so many thing’s get in the way of what she want’s. This poor girl has the wight of the world on her tiny little shoulder’s but yet she carries on as we all have to, I really like her strong will, her resilience and the fact that nothing – especially Adam – get’s in her way once she is on a mission.

She shrugged off his hand’s and strode toward’s the door and had almost made it when he grabbed her arm, turning her. she looked up, surprised at the expression in his eye’s.

“No. You can’t go yet. I didn’t mean to scare you, Alyssa. Stay, I won’t do anything. I promise. . .”

She stayed up at him, amazed he had so little faith in her. She had thought she had made it abundantly clear she was extremely willing and had no more wish to wait upon propriety than he.

“That’s a pity. Then there’s no point in locking the door?” she asked.

“Locking the door?”

The only thing that I have to fault about The Reluctant Viscount is that after the initial meeting between Adam and Alyssa the following chapter does tend to drag a little, there is a lot of to-ing and fro-ing between our two lead’s but not a lot of action, but after that little blip it doe’s heat up nicely once we really start getting into the story. it is a shame that, that one little quiet period of the book doe’s let such a good book down but it doe’s redeem itself, especially when Adam and Alyssa start dropping the mask’s that they have created for society and show their real self’s.

For those moment’s when they are letting go and give into their baser need’s it is very emotional and sexy, Temple did it is so lovely and without a fuss, that when they do finally give in, you do feel that you are intruding on their precious time together.

In all it is a very entertaining read, the character’s are very likable and you feel your self backing them at every turn, crossing your fingers and willing someone to bang their head’s together to see what is in front of them. This I am absolutely certain is going to be a favorite of any Historical Romance reader, and I can see this is going to be on many bookshelves.

Lara Temple has definitely got a real winner on her hand’s with The Reluctant Viscount.


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