8 comments on “The Seduction Of Elliot McBride ~ Review

  1. I just started reading this series last fall, too. I got up to this book. I think I need a reread of all of them up to that point before I move on to the rest. So, so good! Ian will probably be one of my favorite heroes, no matter how many books I read.

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    • Definitely, I found there was something very special about Ian. But saying that if you like Ian you will definitely like Elliot he is this tormented and scarred hero that we all love. I would have to say that Ian and Elliot are on a even keel, both are so good. 🙂


    • That she doe’s Carol! I just adore this series and it really was down to you and other wonderful blogger’s that I am now aquainted with Jennifer Ashley’s incredible Heroes. So a very big Thank you for directing me in this direction 🙂

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  2. A great review, I haven’t got as far as the McBrides but yes, I agree with you, a wonderful series. And I have my lovely friend, Carol Cork, to thank for introducing me to this family initially. Hi Carol! waving at you from Winchcomb…😍

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    • Thank you very much Wendy and I like you have the ever so lovely Carol to Thank for intoducing me to this Series. I definitely recommend the McBrides, especially Elliot who if you like Ian Mackenzie you will adore Elliot.
      Thank you for the lovely comment, it is a pleasure having you at Chicks Rogues and Scandals today Wendy 🙂

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