For this weeks “Hotties” I am following on from my last edition of the Knight’s & Co and giving the Oh-So adorable Men from the absolutely brilliant Hathaway Series by Lisa Kleypas the Chicks Rogues and Scandals treatment ~ this as before is what I think the Handsome God like Hathaway men would look like, I would like to thank the lovely Shivalika at The Whimsy Journals for putting me onto the Hottie that I have for Harry.

So as always my lovely readers. . .Enjoy!!

Cam Rohan


Kev Merripen

Rodrigo Santoro

Harry Rutledge

Hrithik Roshan

Leo Hathaway

Jonathan Rhys Meyers

Christopher Phelan

Chris Hemsworth

I did have a bit of difficultie with the lovely Cam as he is very distinguished but as soon as I saw the gorgeous man that I have picked for Cam I knew that this was Cam Rohan, the only problem is I couldn’t find a name to go with him, So if anyone can identity my Cam Rohan then let me know.

For a future “Hotties Of The Week” I will be delving into the wonderful world of Maiden lane by Elizabeth Hoyt, so why not vote for your favorite and the top five will get the Chicks Rogues and Scandals treatment and be featured in a Hotties of the Week.

8 thoughts on “Hotties of the Week ~ The Hathaway Men

    1. Ooh I really like your Hathaway men Shiva, isn’t it interestng how every one can read the same and yet each persons idea of what the characters look like is different? That to me is the power of a good book 🙂


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