6 comments on “A Chat With. . .Author Jennifer Ashley

  1. Thank you so much for a fascinating interview, Frankie and Jennifer. I think Ian Mackenzie is high on the list of favourite heroes with most lovers of historical romance. I know he’s on mine.

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    • You are absolutely right Carol, Ian is my favorite MacKenzie by far, he is just this incredibly enticing character that just draw’s the reader in. This show’s just how talanted Jennifer is and what a realy lovely lady she is. Thank you for the kind word’s carol, a pleasure as always.

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    • Not at all Shiva every one to their own. I do personally adore Ian though, he is just incredible. It would be an interesting dinner though wouldn’t it, I for one would love to at that table. Thank you for the comment and visiting it’s always a pleasure.

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  2. Thank you for the interview! Ian & Cam are my favorite Mackenzies. I haven’t gotten to Daniel’s story yet, but I think it is next for me. I love any cover with Paul Marron as the hero! 😉

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