4 comments on “Hottie’s Of The Week ~ Knight’s

  1. First of all, I disliked Rufus so much in The Holiday, I can’t even look at his face! LOL! Secondly, wasn’t Kevin Costner technically a knight in Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves? I love him! (I know, I am old. lol)


    • Hi Sharlene, I think you might be right about Kevin Costner’s Robin Hood being a knight. I’ll have to look it up. I don’t watch lot of Chick Flick’s so I wouldn’t know about The Holiday but everyone to their own. Thank you for the comment, a pleasure as always 🙂


    • I’m glad you liked them, Sir Lancelot is so lovely isn’t he? I’ll admit that I never did watch Merlin so I’m going to have to look up Sir Gwayne. I’m intrigued. Thank you for visiting and your comment 🙂


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