2 comments on “New Years Resolution’s

  1. Last year, I set myself a goal of reading 67 books by 31 December 2015 but I have fallen well short of that goal. However, I have persuaded some fabulous authors to step “Into The Spotlight” on my blog over the past few months and reveal something about themselves as individuals rather than authors. My of my resolutions is to continue with these interviews in 2016. As far as reading is concerned, I’m not setting myself a challenge but just reading as and when I can.

    I have enjoyed reading your reviews and look forward to following your blog in 2016. Wishing you continued success for the New Year.

    Carol (Rakes and Rascals) 😊🎉🍷

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    • Thank you very much Carol, I feel very blessed to have such amazing blogger’s such as yourself take notice of Chick’s, Rogue’s and Scandal’s. The last few month’s has been such a buzz, learning about all these superb author’sand book’s that seem to have passed me by. It has been an absolute joy reading your blog especially the Author Interview’s. Wishing you a continued success in 2016, Happy New Year!! Reading Chick x

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