Liz Trenow ~ The Poppy Factory

Back Blurb :

The ones you leave behind are the ones you don’t forget.

A captivating story of two women bound together by the tragedy of two different wars.

With the end of the first world war, Rose is looking forward to welcoming home her loving husband, Alfie. traumatized by his experiences on the battlefield, Alfie return’s a shadow of his former self. Pushed away by Alfie, Rose’s head is soon turned by another man and she struggles with temptation.

Many years later, Jess return’s from her final tour of Afghanistan. haunted by nightmare’s from her time at the front, her longed-for homecoming is a disaster and she wonders if her life will ever be the same again. Can comfort come through her great-grandmother’s diaries?

For Jess and Rose, the realities of war have terrible consequences. Can the Poppy Factory, be set up to help injured soldiers, and rescue them both from the heartache of war?

My View :

This is another book that should have a special place on the bookshelf, it is heart-wrenching in places at some time it can get very hard reading, not so much with the battle scene’ because it isn’t that many, but from the way each woman’s life fall’s apart from two different war’s. I love the way she has entwined Jess’ story with that of Rose, how Rose help’s Jess through a difficult time, The only thing that I would say against it is that there isn’t enough of Rose’s story, but then again Trenow is focusing on Jess and how she is struggling.

What makes it a compelling read is that it’s not just based on the great war but it is on the Afghanistan war which has devastated so many lives, unlike a lot of writers Liz Trenow has focussed on that subject that seems to get forgotten. Post-traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD. mental health amongst our soldiers seems to get forgotten or pushed aside and it is just as important to help those suffering, and that is what Trenow has focused on in this book she has pushed PTSD to the front and she made sure that everyone takes notice.

This has to be read it brings attention to so many topics that people don’t really know about when we should, it really underlines how ignorant we all are to certain things when we should take more care to learn. The way the Poppy Factory helped not only Rose but Jess and the way it is helping veterans now is commendable and should be applauded. This book is intense with its message but it is so beautifully written, definitely, another must-read.

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