Gillian Bagwell ~ The King’s Mistress

Back Blurb :

She would do anything for the man she loved.

Her love hold’s no bound’s. . .

As a nobleman’s daughter, Jane Lane long’s for a life outside the privileged walls of her family home. Her quiet world is shattered when Royalists arrive one night, pleading for help.

They have been hiding the King, but Cromwell’s forces are close behind them, baying for Charles II’s blood – and anyone who helps’s him

Putting herself in mortal danger, Jane must help the King escape by disguising him as her manservant. With the shadow of the gallows’ following their every step, Jane finds herself falling for the gallant young Charles. But will she surrender to the passion that could change her life – and the course of history?

The unforgettable true story of Charles II’s escape and the love and bravery of the woman who made it possible.

My View :

I really like Gillian Bagwell’s work she sticks to the fact’s from history but also entwines a lovely story in there that may or may not have happened. I love the fact that her books are always about actual people, she has a way of bringing them to life after so many years and this one is no different.

Jane was hugely heroic with how she helped King Charles II escape if it wasn’t for her help would Charles have been able to reach France and then later be able to claim his crown, I don’t we will ever know the answer to that but the fact that Jane did what she did is truly historic, the bravery she showed, is very inspirational.

Gillian Bagwell doe’s say in the author’s note that part of the story is from her imagination as there was a period in Charles’s life when was escaping that there is no actual account of what he did or where he went, I think Bagwell has done a really good job and made very readable and very likeable account of what she thought may have happened in that period. I also love how she has put in some of Charles’ actual letters to Jane in the book.

Unlike a lot of historic fiction, this is so easy to read Bagwell hasn’t weighed it down too much with the heavy chapter’s that seem to go on forever, her’s is light, I have read quite a lot of Historic Fiction where it is like sitting through a history lecture, this is different and I like that. I also suggest that you read The Darling Strumpet by Gillian Bagwell which focuses on King Charles Mistress Nell Gwynn.

2 thoughts on “The King’s Mistress ~ Review

  1. Gillian Bagwell hasn’t ever been on my must read list until I read The Darling Strumpet; which was sooo good the only problem I have with this author is that I find that her book’s can be slightly too long.


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