Friday’s Fabulous Five ~ From Page To Screen

Friday's Fabulous Five theme today is book's that have made onto the big screen. Sometime's when a well known and well loved book is made into film it doesn't always do the book any justice and it can be a let down, so this list is for those film's that didn't do too badly, Today…

The Courtesan’s Lover ~ Review

Gabrielle Kimm ~ Courtesan's Lover Back Blurb : Francesca Felizzi, former mistress of the Duke of Ferrara, is now an aspiring courtesan. Astonishingly beautiful and ambitious, she revels in the power she wields over men. But when she is visited by an inexperienced young man, it becomes horribly clear to Francesca that despite her many…

The Linnet Bird ~ Review

Linda Holeman ~ The Linnet Bird Back Blurb : India, 1839: Linny Gow, a respectable young wife and mother, settles down to write her life story. To outside appearances Linny is the perfect British wife: beautiful, gracious, subservient. But appearances can be very deceptive… Born into direst poverty in Liverpool, Linny escapes the life of…

The Emperor’s Tomb ~ Review

Steve Berry ~ The Emperor's Tomb (Cotton Malone Series #6) Back Blurb : The tomb of China’s First Emperor, guarded by an underground army of terra cotta warriors, has remained sealed for 2200 years. Though it’s regarded as one of the greatest archeological sites in the world, the Chinese government won’t allow anyone to open…

“When” (A Poem For Remembrance Day)

I came across this while randomly looking through the blog’s and I loved it, so I re-blogged it so that those who didn’t get to read it, can read it here.

People's Republic of Karl

By Karl Davis

When the world plumped for conflict,
When the young marched and fell,
When the ones with the purse strings bought them tickets to hell,
When the mothers fell earthwards,
When the soldiers fell down,
When the politicians orated in the name of the crown,

When the air stank of cordite,
When their boots filled with mud,
When the howitzers whistled over men stained with blood,
When the telegrams were delivered
When the boy knocked the door,
When he gave confirmation, Sweet Tommy was no more,

When Merchant Seaman braved oceans
When they sustained the troops,
When we denied them a pension, and forced them through hoops,
When the heroes marched homeward
When they finally won
When nobody could remember quite why it begun,

When we grew up round shellshock
When Grandad couldn’t sleep,
When a child knows the scars on Grandad’s back were not cheap,

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